DS: Best dog carrier?

I have a 6 year old Miniature Pinscher whom we got from the pound. He has been badly abused in the past and he is not very nice to strangers. If someone goes to pet him h+e will snap at them. Now, it doesn’t hurt because for some reason his teeth are knubs (by the way, anyone know why that would be? Chewing on bars too long? Someone filed them down?), but I still don’t want to take a chance. Anyway, I want to be able to take him to social events this summer but I don’t want him to get stepped on or him to bite anyone (he’s about 8 pounds and very small)- so I’m trying to find a carrier that is comfortable for me and for him and one that kind of hinders anyone who might be inclined to pet him without asking.

Bonus: If you had 0.00 to spend on your dogs, what would you buy?

Thanks :]
What? Vari-Kennel? No, I meant a carrier. Like a sling or a purse. One where he would be on my body instead of on the ground, like at the fair or places where there are a lot of people. He’s not that aggressive, he’s fine unless someone makes a sudden move towards him like to pet his head.

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2 Responses to “DS: Best dog carrier?”

  1. sisu says:

    Vari-Kennel brand. Line the windows and door with a metal mesh cloth, such as hardware cloth. Attach to the door and windows with zip ties. Use the time until the social events to get the dog used to a basket muzzle in case it is needed.

    $150.00 would be saved in the vet fund.

  2. anne b says:

    Any of those soft side carriers that have a shoulder strap would do fine. They are completely enclosed, with mesh for air, and will restrict the view of what is outside the carrier.

    However, if the dog is that stressed, why bring him with at all? It would only make the poor dog worse.

    The teeth are probably worn from being locked in a crate or a kennel for years, and chewing on the bars. My ACD has this condition.

    I wouldn’t just give up on him and decide that you can’t fix his issues with people. Many Minpins present with this behavior in rescue, and most of the time it is not from abuse. It is caused by lack of early and consistent socialization and lack of training.
    If you want your dog to go with you and enjoy his outings, you should talk to a trainer about this. Otherwise, you are just putting the dog through more bad experiences and should leave him at home.

    Bonus: If I had $150 to spend on my dogs, I would put it in the emergency vet fund.