DS:Were can I find a replacement door for this dog crate?


The link above is identical to the crate I have now,it has a dial type mechanism to lock and un-lock the crate door,but unfortunately the dial has broken on mine,I talked to petsmart which is were I bought this crate,and they told me they couldnt order a new door because the crate I have now is several years old,and they wont fix it.I do not want to purchase a new crate,as the one I have now is practically brand new,and besides that,have you seen the price of this thing o___O,I cant afford another one right now!

Were can I find a new door for this thing,LOL,Any suggestions are welcome on what I can do.

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One Response to “DS:Were can I find a replacement door for this dog crate?”

  1. Xero says:

    Try speaking directly to the company, they should have no problem shipping you a new door.