Getting puppy tomorrow, advice?

Im driving 3.5 hours (granted traffic is good) to get our new boston terrier puppy tomorrow! I am soo anxious! I will be driving by myself and with the puppy on the way home. I dont want to keep her locked in a kennel the whole time (of course I will stop to let her outside a couple times, I mean during the drive). I got her one of thsoe fake stuffed dogs with a heart beat to hopefully ease the transition for her. I have everything she should need, but what should I bring with for the ride? How do I help her adjust once we get home. When do I need to take her to the vet? Anything I should watch for or keep an eye on. How do I help the puppy and my young son adjust to eachother? And should I keep the puppy in a crate/cage at night? My husband and I have different opions on the last question. Thanks to everyone in advance!
Also, what do I need to do to get papers? She is purebred.

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  1. Pam says:

    Do not leave without the registration application signed by the breeder. If they say they will send the AKC papers ‘when they come in’, chances are the litter might not really be registered, but get it in writing along with the sire and dam’s registered names and registration numbers, breeder’s full name, address and phone #. Also get copies of the sire & dam’s registrations.

    I would recommend you putting her in the crate while you are driving for her safety as well as her own!

    Take her to the vet a.s.a.p., at least within 48 hours of obtaining posession of her!

  2. =) says:

    From my experience w/ my maltese puppy, I took her home w/o a crate and she climbed all over me, didn’t want to sit still. I had to stop & buy a little kennel for her and yes she got car sick and puke b/c of the long drive + traffic. The first night I let her roam around and she pretty much got into everything possible. She wanted to be w/ me in the same bed (which I didn’t allow b/c she won’t sleep but just walk around) so she cried all night long. The following night onwards, I keep her in her little kennel but placed it right next to me beside my bed (she can see my face) and she’s been a perfect angel. She sleeps all through the night and had never soiled her kennel. If you are comfortable w/ having the puupy sleep on your bed, you can but I think the first few nights the pup will roam around and not sleep while you are trying to.

  3. krizzie_5 says:

    The night my Mom, Brother and I got our 2 Shih Tzu puppies, we had them with us. By that, I mean, I was holding the other one in my hand in the van’s backseat, and the other one with my brother.
    I think it would be pretty beneficial for you to just let the puppy seat in the front, then while you’re driving back home, you can talk to him/her. That would really connect the two of you, right?

    Bring water and a feeding dish, so that during stopovers you can give him/her something to drink. Then maybe, buy a chewing bone or one of those treats so that he/she can enjoy himself while you’re driving.

    DO NOT keep him in a cage/crate at night. You can have maybe, a place in the house where you can place some newspapers, so that it could pee/poop there. Then let it roam around freely; let it play with your young son. He’d be the bestfriend that he could have. 🙂

    the puppy might get detached or howl or cry at night if you keep him in a cage, so I think it’s a better idea if you let him roam around the house freely. let him explore his new home, his new surroundings.

    let a vet check her so that she has the proper vaccines and everything, The papers should be taken care of the kennel owner. 🙂

    Wish you all the best!

  4. tiffany g says:

    to get the papers?? i would as the breeder

  5. cherry says:

    this website is wonderful and will answer every question you have! it looks like a lot to read but definately do take the time to read it all! it will be of most help! =)

  6. sugarplum1922 says:

    If I were you I would play it by ear when you get home…… can try to keep her in a crate at night, but at first she will probably go to the bathroom in it, so you should put some newspaper in there…….when she dosnt potty in there anymore than you need to put some blankets in there for her to lay on! She might be a barker though and not want to stay in her kennel, so you could have her lay next to you in bed! I have two small malteses and they use to sleep in the kennel, but now they lay in a dog bed right next to my bed, and most nights they lay on my bed at my feet!!! You should take her to the vet a few days to a week after you get home… dont want too many things to happen to her when you get nervous, but you need to take her soon in case she had any sicknesses that need to be taken care of!!! If she is a nervous dog make sure that she is not too shaky…..a lot of pups get low on sugar, so if that happens you can give her a little syrup in her water or you could buy this stuff called NUTRASTAT….it has mollasses in it, and they think its a treat!!! GOOD LUCK!!!! OH, can you answer my question….it says’ can you help me decide" I am having a bit of a dog situation myself!!!

  7. guitarderek379 says:

    First bring some treats some food some water everything to make her comfortable maybe a small bed so she can lay down and sleep in also the dog will be scared and bark alot my little baby yorkie did that also bring a blanket if you dont have a bed yet. also let the puppy sleep with you in the bed for the first couple of nights and if you don’t like her sleeping with you get her used and adjusted to the crate and and night time put a big blanket over the crate the dog can still breathe it just makes it think it is night time and time to go to sleep also if you live by a busy area might wanna look in-to some traning my dog had some issues with bolting out of the door after we trained him he is a perect little angel

  8. beckyschristine says:

    The person who is selling the puppy should have her shots up to date. It is your responsibility to keep taking your puppy to the vet. The transition from the old home to your home should be easy. It would be best to keep her in the kennel during the trip because you don’t know if she is likely to get car sick. And with keeping her in the cage at night, see how she is at night. See if she goes into the trash cans or what have you. Good luck on your purchase!

  9. aury says:

    the breeder should sign the papers over to you. Dont crate the pup at night. the only way to let the pup adjust is to let it explore. take water wth you to pick the pup up. you should call the vet asap to set up an appointment just to make sure it is healthy

  10. Ashley says:

    First, on the way home as long as you have some blankets in the kennel for her to cuddle with, most likely she’s going to sleep. I would stop about every hour, give her a little water and walk her a bit for her to potty.You should get her to the vet soon as possible so they can deworm her, start her shots at 8 weeks and get her on a heartworm monthly medication. The easiest way to potty train her is to "kennel train". Keep her in the kennel when you’re not home and at night, and the FIRST thing you do when you take her out is take her to the "potty spot" and tell her to potty- if it’s the same spot each time, it will work out better. Teach her the word "NO" if she has an accident.