Go to your crate

Milo, mini labradoodle, learns ‘Go to your crate’

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    4 Responses to “Go to your crate”

    1. 4lphaFemale says:

      This is great – Eska got the opening and getting in part really quickly but as soon as she gets in her crate she just gets ready for a snooze?! How can I get her to close it too?

    2. invisioncube says:

      Nice work. 🙂

    3. rogersmmr says:

      Yea, Milo. Very clever. I love behavior chains! Very well done. 5* & a click to you both. 🙂

    4. xxsummerstarzxx says:

      Oh Milo, youre such a good and clever boy! Well done Sue for having the patience of a saint xx