got a puppy from the puppy mill…help!?

Long story short, I found myself with a six month old puppy that came from a puppy mill. I don’t know the whole story but the puppy mill had 400 dogs. The person who gave me the puppy (more like abandoned the puppy on my doorsteps) said there was a large fenced yard just covered with dogs. The puppy that I’ve got is not potty trained and was not given a name. When I called the lady at the puppy mill, she said I needed to keep it in the kennel when it is inside the house. She said she wouldn’t give a refund but she’d take the puppy back – I don’t think I want this puppy heading back there.

When I got the puppy, it was really shy and scared of me. It doesn’t like going for walks. I felt like I had to drag it down the block. I gave up and just came back to the house. Someone was interested in the little guy but when they came to see him, he started biting!!! He was so scared that he hid under my car for a few minutes and refused to come out.

I don’t know what to do with this little guy. I can’t take care of him, and he was literally passed on to me with me having no say. This is where the long story comes in but I won’t explain because that’ll take awhile.

I want to know what to do with this puppy and if there are certain guidelines that puppy mills must follow. I’ve had puppies in the past and they’ve never acted like this…

P.S. If I drop him off at the animal shelter, they will put him to sleep. He’s six months old. I think he deserves a chance. It’s not his fault he’s like this.
chieko: I’m pretty sure I have every right to be "whiney." You’d be too if you were a soon-to-be college graduate trying to figure out how to pay off loans and grad school, find a SOCIAL WORK job in this WISCONSIN economy when people are being laid off left and right, and then SELFISH people dropped off their dog that they got from the puppy mill and said, "Hey, by the way, we know you don’t have any money and can’t afford this puppy and you don’t have time to train it because you need to figure out how to navigate through life in this sucky economy, but surprise! It’s yours now!" I wouldn’t be so quick to judge chieko…

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6 Responses to “got a puppy from the puppy mill…help!?”

  1. red_chalk says:

    He is only a puppy. He will come around if you give him plenty of love and attention. If he was older, then you’d have to worry. I’d take him to the vet first off to make sure he doesn’t have any problems… but after that, just give him lots of love, maybe take him in for training when you feel he’s comfortable enough, and he will be fine. He’s young enough.

  2. greygarious says:

    There are organizations that can advise you on the special needs of puppy mill survivors. Google ‘rehabiliation of puppy mill dogs’ for their websites.

  3. chieko says:

    you’re kinda whiney. on the one hand you feel for the little guy, but on the other, it’s not your reponsibility…am i reading you right?

    how you step up to the plate and show this abused animal what people are supposed to be like? he’s not socialized enough to be given to anyone and his future is to be euthanized or abandoned again.

    so start off by loving him and helping him to be potty-trained. gently socialize him and show him that he is worth something…

    i believe all things happen for a reason. this puppy came to you to help you stop being selfish…

  4. John King says:

    this is just a minor problem with attitude get him to a trainer and look at dog whisperer on natgeo to get a better understanding also report the puppy mill to the humanye society of the untied states

  5. OldDog says:

    Look into crate training if you are diligent he will respond well.

  6. ms manners says:

    Look for a breed rescue in your area….they will most likely take it, and breed rescues are no-kill.