Grandma needs a Lift Chair Colin tries to build a electric lift chair for his grandmother but the evil spring liftchair smashes him into the ground he should have gone to http

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5 Responses to “Grandma needs a Lift Chair”

  1. mon0moo says:

    wut. 0.o

  2. DeTrixeXe says:

    0:27 it looks like he wants to kill grandma

  3. sxv123 says:

    Wow, I wish I could do something half as good as this

  4. Jk981206 says:

    @NorbertFischer97 Why would we want to?

  5. cookiekiller6 says:

    Well if this guy had any brains, he wouldn’t have used industrial springs on his chair. He should have used a nice, smooth air pressure operated lifting system.
    By the way, what was the budget on this video? $5?