Has anyone every housebroken a puppy by using spankings? If so what exactly did you do?

I hate it’s come to this but my puppy refuses to poo in her potty place. She’ll only poo in her crate. I’m sick of washing her crate!!!! oh and I have been using the stuff for pets to get the smell out.
Where can I get I get a smaller crate. The puppy is two pounds and the smallest one they had is a little too big!!!!

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  1. white tigeress says:

    Spanking is not the answer. Time and patience and being consistent is. Walking her every morning and several times during the day. Try cleaning the cage with a rag and put it the yard where you want her to go. Take her the spot she will sniff it and she go in that spot. Praise her when she does . You have to consistent, they don’t understand if you don’t feel good or too tired and it helps to use a phrase. We use the phrase "let’s go pee pee." I had all our litter of pups trained in a few weeks because they watched their par nets and copied them.

  2. Courtney C says:

    never hit your dog it will make it really uncomfortable around you then you ll not be able 2 teach it anything if idone some thing wrong then yelling wont help either take it out side 3 times a day find a spot in your garden or somewhere and use a command word say u used poo when it dose the toilet and if you see him/her doing it again pick him/her up nd take it 2 the spot nd use ur word it will soon work may take some time but it will work eventually. If you work do it with news papper with the same technique hope it helps xx

    good luck
    P.S never hit your dog a light tap on the nose will do at extreem times never hit for the hell of it

    a big create is always the best way 2 go because your puppy will soon grow quick so a big 1 will last a while x

  3. Molly says:

    Hitting the dog NEVER works, i repeat, NEVER WORKS. It’ll make the dog become more afraid of you than obey you.
    Don’t yell but use a firm tone in your voice. Don’t hit, but tap it on the nose. And
    don’t shove, but bring her over to her do do and point at it telling her what she did wrong and take her outside, put her on a leash and let her stay outside for 10 minutes. Its called punishment but its not harsh. And another, to get her to TELL you she needs to go potty, we tought our dogs to talk when they need out.
    We look at them and if they look "antsy" like, running all over the place getting our attention we
    say "bark!" or "speak!" or "do you need to go out" and they always bark and run till we let them out. They do their business and wait at the door to come in.
    So talk to your dog, ask her if she needs out. They WILL talk to you. (: And don’t yell when you ask, ask sarcastically with a smile so they don’t think their getting yelled at.
    That was always the best technique for us. But when she does go in the house do what i said early but don’t hold her by the neck or anything.
    Simply carry her over and point at the do.
    keeping her locked up in a cage doesn’t help neither. Let her out. Put baby gates in rooms you don’t want her to get in.
    Baby gate — http://www.safetots.co.uk/uploads/Gates/KDK_lindextb.jpg

    Simple. Be patient, and no hitting. Do you hit your child when they go in their diapers? No, you need to give them time, she will come around if you do it right.

  4. Jess says:

    People who have used this method on their dogs do not end up with well trained dogs. I’m not going to tell you not to do it, because in the end you’ll do what you want, but you need to know that cons outweigh the pros of this method. I know people who have used this, and what happens to their dog is terrible. Not only does it not work, but it actually increases their accidents. When a dog, humans do this too, gets very scared, they will pee or poo. If you spank or hit your dog, you are only teaching them that it is wrong to poop. And if it gets to the point where you do this frequently, they will not only stop trusting you, but become afraid of you, and therefore will pee or poo when they see you so much as raise your hands: even if you were not going to spank them, but pet them. A better idea would be to talk to your vet. Whatever you are currently doing is not working with your specific dog. Your vet has more knowledge about your dog, and can give you training methods that will work for your dog. Every puppy is different. What works for some won’t work for others. Also, what works wonders, if you have the money, hire a personal trainer to come to your house and work with you and your dog. Not only will they get your dog housebroken, but she will become the best behaved dog in your neighborhood! If you spank her, just know that you are ruining one of the best friendships you will ever have in your life. If you want any more information about this, feel free to email me. Oh yeah, and you probably need a smaller crate. They sell custom fit crates on the internet, but you can also talk to your vet, or the breeder you got the puppy from about what crate you should get. You could also cut out a piece of cardboard and gorilla glue it into the back and make the crate smaller if you don’t want to invest in a crate.

  5. Weimaraner Mom says:

    No spankings do not work, they train the dog to fear you and to fear eliminating in front of you. Rubbing their nose in it and yelling at them only reinforces the behavior, only this time they’ll hide it so you won’t get mad, they won’t suddenly go Oh Outside is where I go, well then why didn’t you say something… no it does not work like that.

    If your dog is having accidents in her crate then you either are not getting her out enough times to go and you’re leaving her in there too long for her to be able to hold it, or you have not taught her to toilet properly and so she doesn’t understand.

    Dogs are not 100% housebroken until a year old, so if your puppy is really young then I’m afraid you have unrealistic expectations of this dog.

    Where is her potty place? Is her potty place outside or have you put pee pads in the house? If you are then that’s your mistake dogs don’t understand they have to potty on the pad all they know is it’s ok with you that they toilet in the house no matter where.

    Put the dog on a schedule, depending on how old she is then she can only hold it in hours her age in months 3 months = 3 hours. Take her outside on a leash first thing in the morning [when you know they will be successful] use a command word or phrase like go potty or potty time, TT time and use it as you walk her in circles encouraging her, when she squats and pees say GOOD POTTY and give her a treat right away, then keep trying until she poops repeat the praise and treat.

    Bring back inside and set a timer for 2 hours then when it dings say OUTSIDE potty and take her outside and repeat above.

    Puppies need to potty at least 20-30 times a day, they need to be shown that outside is where they go, that’s what the treats are for, you need to IGNORE accidents in the house and her crate. That shows her that you are not pleased when she goes in the house. While people think that yelling at a dog and smacking them shows them that you are not pleased, NO it does not, it shows them that you are unstable and scary and you are not to be trusted so they will then hold it when you take them out because you are going to punish them if they potty, the minute you come back inside off they go to hide, and if you put her back in her crate then the minute you leave the room she will deficate in her crate. Does any of this sound familiar and come close to what is happening with you? If you catch her in the act don’t smack or yell at either, just clap your hands and say Outside and take her straight outside to finish, when she does reward.

    These websites will help, chances are it’s your training that’s wrong and that’s why she’s having accidents. It’s never the dog, it’s ALWAYS the owners fault.

    You don’t need a smaller crate, you purchase a crate based on the size of the dog full grown, you either put in a crate divider to make the crate smaller or you need to but a box inside the crate to make it smaller, you dont’ need to keep buying smaller crates. Go look for a crate divider.


    ADD: Laughing, don’t take her to her poop and point to it and tell her what she did wrong she’s a dog not a toddler, she will not understand one word of what you are saying so why waste your breath? It would be like being in a foreign country and you make a mistake and the person not only hits you but takes you over and points and yells at you in a foreign language you don’t understand, would you learn??? No you wouldn’t you’d be confused and have no idea what you did wrong. Same with your dog. Ignoring a dog is punishment to them, just ignore don’t waste your time yelling at a dog, all dog sees is unstable scary person, not calm submissive pack leader to trust.

  6. Mutt Master (RIP Cody) says:

    Hey….don’t hit your dog.

  7. muchas pooches rescue says:

    Hitting never works is right.
    NO we never spank or use hands for anything other than kindness.

    If you are too tired and sick of animal ownership and responsibilities, there is always the option of placing the animal into a patient loving home.
    Did you get spanked while learning to control your bodily functions or learning the rules? Likely not, why would it be okay to do it to another creature.
    Look up training methods,read,take classes-do not hit.

  8. cynthia4316 says:

    PLease don’t hit or spank your puppy!
    It takes time and patience!!
    When you take her out of the crate take him directly outside. If by chance she doesn’t relieve herself put her right back in the crate wait a few minutes and then try to bring her outside again. The crate should just be a tad bit larger than her so she has room to stand and turn around, any larger he will use one side as a bathroom and sleep at the other side. If the crate is to big get a sectional to put in it to make it smaller.
    When she does go outside PRAISE PRAISE PRAISE

  9. smixie dee says:

    you have to be constant with it.
    every time she wakes up in the morning or after a nap, put her outside. she’ll generally pee or poop. after she eats, put her out. let her stay out long enough so she /has/ to poop outside.
    if you have poop from inside, put it outside where you want her to go and take her there and have her smell it. same with pee- soak it up with a paper towel or if she went on a chux pad put it out where you want her to go.
    as for if you want to spank her, don’t do it hard, just VERY lightly tap her butt (dogs don’t like their butts being touched) and say "no!" in a very stern voice so she knows you’re mad. Also hold her face to it so she knows what is bad that she did.
    my most recent puppy I trained peed outside and it was a while before he pooped there too. You need to be patient and consistant and she’ll get the idea. Good luck!

  10. eyJude says:

    Most trainers do not advocate hitting a dog for any reason.

    Take the dog out and really exercise the dog hard… then when it poos REALLY PRAISE it and reward it.

    Make sure to take it out BEFORE crating…EVERY TIME… this way the dog will not have a desire to use the crate.

    THIS IS WHY I HATE PEE PEE PADS… i THINK it teaches a dog it is ok to go inside the house.

  11. mcrthanks4venom says:

    Please do not spank your puppy. The dog needs a smaller crate for now. If your puppy is a larger breed you can save the bigger crate for when she grows. You might try using a spray bottle to train her.

  12. whamco says:

    Take the crate away for a while. Spanking is a horrible idea.

  13. Laya says:

    Don’t hit your dog. That is called abuse. If you are ‘sick’ of washing out her crate, you should not have a dog. And if you want to learn about how to housebreak a puppy go on the internet. There is a world of positive information out there.

    You hit any dog you are not ready to have one.

  14. shari_king2002 says:

    spanking will not help. Get your dog to a trainer and learn how to train correctly

  15. hydez2002 says:

    is she’s relieving herself in her crate, that means it’s too big for her. she should only have enough room to move in a circle and stretch out.

    you didnt say how old she is. is she doing her business in the crate during the times you are away at work or sleeping? do you clean her crate with an enzyme cleaner?

    spanking her will only scare her and scar her. she will correlate that pooping is bad. depending on how old she is, she needs to be taken out on a schedule. praise her while she is outside and doing what she needs to do.

    EDIT: if you are going to spank her, it’s only works when you CATCH her doing it, NOT AFTER the incident. but spanking is still not the solution. would you spank a toddler jst learning to potty train?
    EDIT #2: you can use the crate you have now. Take a box that will fit in the crate and block off the back end of the crate. make sure she can not move it, tape it down.

  16. catchiamigo says:

    let her oughta the crate more and taken outside. She will love you more and not feel caged in.

  17. Alyssa R says:

    Maybe her crate needs to be smaller. It should only be big enough for her to stand up and turn around in. Don’t spank her. No good owner would even hurt their dogs feelings let alone physically hurt them. If you are sick of washing her crate, maybe you should reconsider owning her. You don’t seem ready for the comittment of a puppy. I think you should consider rehoming her.

  18. ♫♪ Nekkid Bootie ♪♫ says:

    spanking wotn do anything but cause fear and aggression.

    You need a smaller crate. If she’s pottying in her crate, its because its too big.

    Take her out BEFORE she needs to potty and walk her around for a while. PRAISE LIKE CRAZY when she potties

  19. karen c says:

    If you have to resort to spanking, you aren’t emotionally ready for a puppy. Return it to the breeder and take your loss.

  20. Jess due 12/20!!! says:

    hitting never works, it only makes the dog afraid of you.

  21. Brett W says:

    Well, you can spank, but to teach not to hurt. What you do is, as soon as your puppy poo’s inside, tap her nose lightly, or her butt, and tell her NO, then pick her up and put her straight outside, it should work over time. It did with my dogs.

    Good Luck!