Have you ever had a dog that?

Have you ever had a dog that every time you go to see them they pick up a toy to show you? The male I have at my house now cause im showing him this weekend does that. He has a toy in his crate and when i got to let him out or just see him he picks it up and wiggles about. He will do the same outside the crate too. Now info about him he is 4 and is about the size of a very small great dane lol, he is right at the top of the standard of weims. So to see this big great dog act like that is so cute. He is a sweet boy that lets his owners baby crawl all over him.

So have you ever had a dog like that? If not what is you’re dogs or a previous dogs quirkiest/weirdest behavior?
I think i know what it means, i was just asking if anyone elses did this
He won’t do it in the ring, I don’t carry toys in the ring.

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10 Responses to “Have you ever had a dog that?”

  1. ikuyiasoznas says:

    Yes I did. My Yorkie, Buffy, always used to get so excited when I came home from work that she would be looking so hurried and frantic while she searched for a toy. She loved her balls and would lay one (or drop it more likely) at my feet, wanting me to kick it for her. When I did, she take off so fast, run like the dickens down the hall and back, around the table in the dining room and zoom back into the family room, dropping it at my feet panting heavily, yet wanting another go at that ball!

    Wanting me to play was more desirable for me than the submission wetting: Laying on her back, wetting herself. Or wetting the floor, my feet, the carpet. I miss the little bum!!

  2. 11 1/2 Weeks 'Til SATCHMO!! says:

    Yes! Due to crazy unforseen circumstances, we’re living back with the in-laws. My mother-in-law has a Newfie named Kazoo, and he doesn’t ever leave his outside kennel except when she brushes and bathes him before his yearly vet visit. Drives me up the wall, but it’s not something up for discussion – she’s very odd and demanding about HER dog.

    Anyways : ) Yes, when you approach Kazoo he wiggles, then locates his stuffed cat and walks up to the fence and stares at you with a grin, begging to play. It’s absolutely adorable, but breaks my heart b/c he’s so neglected. When I was working at the Humane Society I thought about reporting her, but we live just over the state line – not in their jurisdiction. Plus, I’m sure she would know it was me, lol. Maybe getting our redbone will positively influence her! ~ crosses fingers ~

  3. bcdawgma44 says:

    Yes, I had a Chesapeake Bay Retriever like that. He always greeted us with something in his mouth…….ALWAYS! We lived out in the country. And he’d be right there all waggin’ & happy when we’d pull in the truck. Always something in his mouth. Problem was it wasn’t always a toy. It could be a rock or a stick. Or it could be a dead rabbit or a frozen horse turd. One time he even had a cow leg!!!! YUKKKKK. He always came bearing "gifts" & ready to hand them to you to throw. My daughter & me we’d sit in the truck & try to figure out what it was he had sometimes and argue about who was getting out of the truck first. LMAOOOOOOO Big old silly boy! Damn he was an awesome dog!

  4. cookedpug says:

    My dog shows me her toys a lot and jumps on me when she wants to play with it. It’s so cute!

  5. NAR says:

    That means they want to play. Play with him, I think he wants attention, adn something to do

  6. Bane says:

    Whenever anyone comes over, my dog gets right in their face. I’m talking literally nose-to-nose. It’s not so bad since he’s a sheltie and at the bottom of the standard, and he doesn’t do it unless it’s someone he doesn’t see all the time. He only does to me when I let him on the couch next to me.

    But if you’re getting excited when your weim does this (because it’s cute), then it’s going to enforce the idea in him that this is the thing to do. If you don’t desire the behavior (what if a judge sees it or he does something similar in the ring?) then don’t acknowledge it. When he does it, turn away from him.

    It is great that he’s good with kids. A lot of big dogs tend to be a little over the top when little kids get too up close and personal with them. Don’t get me wrong, little dogs can be worse because of the "little big dog syndrome" some of them have going on. This is a GREAT trait if you’re around kids a lot and I applaud your dog with it. =)

    I hope this helped. Sorry if it didn’t.

  7. Erika says:

    I have a lab that if you say the word "ball" he’ll run around all crazy looking for his ball.

    I have another lab who sits on the arm of the couch but extends his body across the top part of the couch. He will sit like that for hours.

  8. AnimalzLuv says:

    I never had my dog but my aunts dog seemed odd sometimes. He was always curious and very active even though he was getting old.

    R.I.P. Bobby

  9. Destiny says:

    My dog shows me her toys all the time because she wants to play.

  10. BMTHESPIAN says:

    My male Dobie likes to bring me his stuffed frog when I arrive home. Not wanting me to play with it he just brings it to me. I’ve also yet to "convince" him that barking at someone approaching the house while the frog is still in his mouth is not intimidating