Having HUGE problems with my puppy

I have two puppies. One is Bones, he is a good puppy, he usually doesn’t potty in the floor, he is in a training class right now, and is doing excellent! On the other hand, I have Skully. Skully is from the same litter as Bones. She is pooping in her kennel during the day. I take them out plenty of times a day. She whines incessantly, pees in the floor. I am spending about an hour a day cleaning up after her, between giving her a bath because she has poop all over her, and spraying down her kennel. I have tried everything!!! I even have people come to my house when I am at work to walk them, by the time they get there, she has already covered herself in poop. I give her treats when she potties outside. I feel like she is scared to use the bathroom in front of me for some reason. I do scold her, but I do not hit her. I tried feeding them only at night, and she is still doing the same thing. I just don’t understand what is going on!!! Can someone please help me? I do not want to get rid of her. Bones and Skully get along great, but if something doesn’t change soon, I am gonna have to giver her up!!!!!
I feed her at about 7 when I get home. I put her in her crate, feed her, and take her out after 30 minutes. She will not go to the bathroom then. I have stood outside with her for two hours, and as soon as I put her back in her crate, she poops in there. I am very CONSISTENT with our schedule.
First of all, I do not appreciate the condescending responses. I am doing EVERYTHING possible. I have talked to 2 trainers and they have suggested that I get my puppy on zanax. I really do not want to do that. I HAVE read two books on crate training thank you very much, and I will scold her if she is pooping in my house. I just wanted a different perspective, not someone that is going to downplay my concern for my puppy or her health. I am very concerned about this, and I am going to do everything possible to make sure that she is comfortable and happy.

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    8 Responses to “Having HUGE problems with my puppy”

    1. spidermilk666 says:

      Take her to the vet please! A normal dog does not want to poop on itself.

      Quit scolding her for pooping. She will only think that you don’t like poop and not want to do it in front of you- she has to do it sometime! Some dogs are more sensitive than others and will even pick up on your unhappy body language even if you try to act like you aren’t upset.

      What if you take her for a slow but long walk or let her play in your yard (on a long leash if you don’t have a fence). Sometimes the moving around will get things moving.

      Try taking some of her poop and putting it outside where you want her to go. This might help her get the picture.

    2. jess says:

      I had a problem similar with my basset hound at first but without the whining. He just wouldn’t quit pottying in his cage. We got a wire kennel with a divider in it from pet land. it has a pull out bottom tray which helps with clean ups. We put the divider in where he could only have enough room to turn around and lay down. This makes the puppy less likely to potty because there would be no room to poop and than try to avoid it. Then we put a book under the front of the cage to put it on a slant so if he peed it would go to the back of the cage and he can’t lay in it because that part of the cage is divided off.

    3. Laura loves Luna! says:

      I think Skully is just very sensitive. When you see Skully poop in the house, don’t get frustrated, don’t scold her, and stay relaxed. Calmly take her outside and wait for her to pee or poop again. Next time you take Bones out, take Skully out to so that Bones can set a good example for her. Minutes after Skully eats, take her outside, and the second after she is done getting a drink, take her out to pee. Don’t feed her just at night, she will have to poop in the middle of the night, and end up pooping in her crate. Feed her once in the morning, then take her out. Feed her once in the afternoon, then take her out. Feed her once in the evening (around 5ish), then take her out. You have to keep a CONSISTENT schedule. Take her to the vet to check if she has an problems, because she could be pooping and peeing uncontrollably everywhere because of a medical condition.

    4. Fetch This! says:

      Time for a vet check up, tell them what’s going on. She may not like what you’re spraying her kennel with, try something else to clean with.

    5. LuLu says:

      Sound like she has separation anxiety.

    6. smellymelly says:

      It sounds like some kind of anxiety. I would contact a really good trainer or maybe even a dog behaviorist. Also,, a trip to the vet may be in order. Be patient
      and good luck.

    7. Double Rainbowz says:


    8. papaw says:

      I think your whole problem can be solved if you google ‘crate training’ in your browser and re-read about crate training, it’s purpose, and how to do it. If you then follow the right steps to retrain BOTH your puppies, I think you’ll solve your problems.