Having trouble crate training my dog…Please help reworded/re-asked?

I have a 10 week old Pomeranian Puppy. He is in the processing of crate training. I have been be training him for about 3 days now, and he still whines and barks like crazy. I’m not looking to potty train him in yet because I know that he is still young to be potty trained in it. I just want him to sleep in there on his own and get use to being in there. I had him for 2 weeks and I mad about not training him to sleep in there when I first got him. I thought that maybe he wouldn’t need it since he have a bed, but he doesn’t even sleep in there anymore. He sleeps under my bed. I know it takes time. He actually is not that hard to train when it comes to other stuff. He responds to stay, fall(basically lay down), come, and his name(we trained him for that stuff). At first he would we whine as soon as you put him in there. So far we got him to go in and out on his own. We are able to lock the door and tell him to fall which means lay down. Then we got him to stay even when we opened the dog. After that we got him to stay then come when we called him, but when we walk away he whines and barks, he bites the metal bar, and he acts like he is dying. He got better but now it is just bad. When I said potty trained in it…(I didn’t mean poop or pee in it).I meant we don’t want to use it for housebreaking this early because he it too young. A dog can’t hold the urine/feces until they are about 12 weeks of age. He usually pees outside and have pooped out there a couple of times. I know that he is a little you to be taken out because of the whole vaccination thing, there is not very many dogs in the neighborhood. All of them are in a kennel outside. I don’t understand why people get dogs just to keep them outside but that is another story. Also he will be 11 weeks Friday!!! Also since I should be housebreaking him do anyone have tips!!!

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    1. Bryn says:

      when we got my puppy at 10 weeks or so i cant remember i think i had to keep her inside the property for six weeks. we have an acer and our puppy would be allowed outside but not out the gate untill her last vacination of coarse… we kept her in a crate when we wernt watching her but we mainly let her be out (we were home a lot) since she wasnt house broken she slept in her crate at night and usually did not go in it till mourning we then would take her outside to the same place and say go potty and wait till she did then she was awarded… my puppy would wine too she would usually go in her crate since it was left open but when we tried to put her in it she would try to turn around nd sty close to us so we could not out her in… we when she was in she hated it also like your puppy if she was quite she would be let out and if not kept in.. i dont know if that would help but i hope it gives you some ideas i might not be answering your question though…

    2. Tricia Beaver says:

      Sounds like your doing fine. At first, dogs don’t like kennels that much, its normal. Just be consistent, put him in for the night and ignore him! Dont let him out just because he is crying or he will do it just so you will let him out.
      And he isn’t to young to potty train. Watch him. If he starts to go inside, say a firm no, and drag him outside. If he does outside say" good boy" and give him affection.

    3. Kate Ocean says:

      I personally would not "work" him with crate training. When I say that I mean don’t make him sit and stay and do all that right now. Just leave him be when he’s in his crate. Simple as that. Some of them will scream bloody murder but don;t give in. Eventually he will start to love his crate and will then go in on his own. Them loving the crate is not made to happen from training them to sit in it with the door open, they learn to love it because it becomes their home.

    4. Claudia Costa says:

      all puppies do like that at the beginnning
      the crate neeeds to b big nuff, comfy, with a blanket and toys and super clean. if its too hot dont keep him there. you have to kind of leave the door and encourage him to go there, not force him . u can put treats or stay next to him or whatevs. but after a while hes gonna consider it his house and yh

    5. Jennifer M~ Got the Giggles says:

      He isn’t too young. Not at all. While he can’t be expected to hold pee/poop for more than an hour or two at a time, he is NOT too young to housebreak at all.

      My Bullmastiff was housebroken by 12 weeks. Started the day I brought him home at 8 1/2 weeks.

      Take him out to potty first thing inthe morning, last thing at night, after each meal, and several times throughout the day. If you can’t directly supervise, put him in the crate. Watch him like a hawk inside and any signs of trying to go inside, tell him NO firmly and take him outdoors to go. Lots of positive reinforcement once he does go outside.

    6. Mike H says:

      this is a very convoluted paragraph. I’m not even sure what your question is.

    7. bluebonnetgranny says:

      I would do away with the crate & get a puppy exercise pen. You can place the crate in the exercise pen but I would take the door off for now. The exercise pens come in many sizes, styles, heights, color, some are expandable.

      Puppy exercise pens.

    8. tnr says:

      Make being in the crate fun / quiet time. Rather than putting her in and walking away (which you will be able to do eventually), start out putting her in, then sitting near the crate (where she can see you and know she is not alone) watch some tv or read a book. Intermittently give her tasty treats (especially when she is being quiet). As she learns to settle down in the crate, you can gradually try out leaving for a moment (leave her a treat that takes a while to eat so she has something to occupy her), then for longer and longer moments.

      You’ll know it’s working when she goes there voluntarily to just chill out.

      Also – remember to keep the crate where there are people around. Don’t stick it in the back hallway or somewhere no one goes. Put it in the kitchen or tv room or bedroom.