Help training my bully breed?

I just adopted a 4 month old Mastiff cross from a family who did not train him at all. He has accidents inside and in the car even immediately upon getting back from a long walk. I tried putting a training pad over a place he had two accidents in one day, and as soon as we stepped through the door right after a three hour walk he peed right in front of me just a couple of feet from the pad. I’m pretty sure the previous family didn’t even walk him outside because his paw pads were completely soft and pink the first day.

When I try to run with him to tire him out he runs in circles and bites at me. He also nipped at a neighbor’s kid who started running with him and totally freaked her out, which freaked ME out, and after making sure she was physically ok was also very embarrassing for me because I had said he wan’t a biter.

He’s been getting better at walking on a leash (it’s slack most of the time but he always walks in front of me, not beside or behind me), and he will sit but usually only with a treat. He gets very distracted by anything that moves, especially people walking by which (understandably) scares them.

Living near a carry-out restaurant people are always dropping their chicken bones on the ground and it’s impossible for me to stop him in time or get him to drop, so I just have to wait for him to finish it so he at least chews it properly and pray it doesn’t end up injuring him.

When leaving the house or even taking a shower I have to lock him in a spare bathroom whose door frame he ripped to shreds within an hour. I want to get him a crate but haven’t found one big and strong enough for him for less than several hundred dollars. He’s about 60lbs now and will probably be double that when fully grown, so addressing his separation anxiety is a huge priority.

I would use a trainer as a last resort, but hoping to first get some advice about the issues I mentioned. He has so many bad habits I don’t know where to start, but I do have the patience.
Wow sorry, was told this is a bully breed but I stand corrected.

Was hoping for advice on how to train the dog on my own but apparently people manage to raise children without professional help, just not dogs, go figure.

With these responses you’d think I was thinking about putting the dog down or something. Does it really hurt that much to be nice, especially when it’s clear that I want to do something positive?

Four (maybe five) months may make him a puppy, but he’s already bigger than most grown dogs and I’m not going to wait until he’s 120lbs and has mauled a little girl’s face off or pulls my arm out of the socket to start training him.
This is just turning into banter, but the response to "My 60lb dog bit a child" probably shouldn’t be "all puppies bite." Why bother being "helpful" if you’re going to do it in a rude way? Is there some rule that you treat people nicely IRL but have to be a troll online? If so then I too have some aggression I would love to unleash on strangers I will never meet in person.

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6 Responses to “Help training my bully breed?”

  1. *Learn to love the breed*Come back DS says:

    DSR isn’t a troll.

    A mastiff isn’t a bully breed.
    An AST,ABPT ETC… Are bully breeds

  2. bookwormz says:

    Contact/watchDog Whisperer or at least buy one of his books.Gotta be honest. He’s going to be a big dog in about two months. You need to nip this in the bud NOW.But before that I’d say start with the small things,like simple commands.Sit,stay,all that jazz. Do you have a place where you can keep him outside? Or have you noticed his bathroom pattern?On average how often does he need to pee?Every four hours?Three?You should take him out around that time. I’m no expert but I hope this helped the tiniest of bit.Good luck.

  3. Laura loves Luna! Knowledge Over Age says:

    A Mastiff isn’t a bully breed!

  4. cat says:

    you need an expert trainer right away contact The Dog Whisper company and fill out an application if you dont hear back rrom them then find a local trainer

  5. Dog Section Regular says:

    A Mastiff is NOT a Bully breed!

    Will try to read the rest and respond…

    * Your problem is your lack of PATIENCE. This dog is a PUPPY! He will NOT be perfectly and instantly potty trained, leash trained, or obedience trained. ALL PUPPIES BITE. You should NOT be running with a giant breed puppy at this age – You could do some serious damage to his growing bones and joints.

    "I would use a trainer as a last resort" A trainer should be your FIRST resort. You NEED a trainer, all puppies should be enrolled in training classes. It sounds like this dog is way too much for you to handle, you are going to need help.

    STOP with the training pads. Take the dog outside like a normal dog, and get used to accidents. He’s a PUPPY.

    *** Did ANYONE tell you you should WAIT to train your dog? Um, no. Don’t get so defensive when you asked for help. You don’t get to choose the answers you get. Take it or leave it, don’t get all upset over it. No one on the internet can give you legitimate training advice because we are not THERE to observe your dog and his behavior. Only a real trainer can help you.

    * Calm down, you’re full of yourself. Nothing I have said was rude. Just because it wasn’t what you wanted to hear doesn’t make me a troll, and doesn’t make me rude. I might call you a troll, too. *eyeroll*

  6. Dawn says:

    I’m just going to answer a couple questions if I may. As far as potty training, you need to treat him just like you would an 8 week old puppy. Take him out after meals, naps, playtime. If he pees, he’s allowed free time. If not, either crate him or keep him tethered to you with a leash so you can watch him. Take him out every 15 minutes until he pees. Big hugs and treats for going potty outside. If you catch him in the act of going inside the house, just say no, no, no or eh,eh,eh and take him out. No punishment. If you find an accident after the fact, clean it up and move on. The fault is yours for not watching. Keep him on a feeding schedule once in the am and once in the evening. Regulating when food goes in helps regulate when poop comes out.
    The chicken bones can kill him!!! You need to teach him a solid "leave it" and "drop it". It would take too much room to describe them here so google Ian Dunbar, Karen Pryor, and/or Pat Miller and search for how to teach these commands.
    I know crates are expensive. I have Great Danes. You can try Craig’s list for a used crate. Even if you have to buy a new one, it’s cheaper than having to remodel your house after he gets done doing his own remodeling job. Good luck!