help with my dog and chewing her kennel?

Im crate training my dog in an air kennel, and she is chewing the top part of it off…is there anything safe I can put there to stop her?
she isnt in a wire crate anymore because she figured out how to break it down from the inside.

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4 Responses to “help with my dog and chewing her kennel?”

  1. dogowner says:

    I would not recommend a wooden crate. That is why I was interested in this thread because we have one and our dog is chewing through that.

  2. Catwings, got suspended says:

    bitter apple, tobacco sauce and generally anything unpleasant to a dogs nose or taste. Also why not look into a thick wooden crate or even a shock collar.

  3. Snoop says:

    catch her in the act and say "no"!

  4. waynoracer says:

    Vick’s or anything with eucalyptus oil will stop the offending dog from putting its nose and mouth where it shouldn’t be
    just a small smear on the item that it chews,
    also try tobasco sause