Help with puppy separation anxiety! Need suggestions!?

My yellow lab, George, is 10 months old and has wicked separation anxiety. He is broken out of every kennel we have owned (one enclosed Pet Carrier crate with the bolts to hold it in place and one collapsible wire kennel). When he breaks out he has a tendency to destroy things and have a few accidents. He is a wonderful dog and very well behaved when we are home, and even is advanced in his training in other areas. But when we leave he goes crazy! We do NOT want to have to get rid of our puppy and would like to find at home alternatives to what we are doing, we can’t really afford puppy day care. We have tried playing music for him and putting raw hide bones in his kennel with him but he won’t even touch them. Open to any suggestions! Please help George!

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5 Responses to “Help with puppy separation anxiety! Need suggestions!?”

  1. Sam Johns says:

    It’s amazing! I found this.

  2. Adan Marchant says:

    AMAZING! Good luck to you.

  3. Carmen Funieru says:

    Give him vitamins, especially vitamin B. It helps the nervous system.

  4. Kat Russell says:

    I had a visla with the same problems. This is going to probably seem odd, but dogs really like when you leave them with a pair of your underwear. (it has your most concentrated smells on it) also, leaving the radio or tv on can somewhat soothe them.

  5. Nicole Cruickshank says:

    You need to show your dog that being alone is no big deal and that you are coming back.
    First put your dog in the crate then Get everyone in the household to put on there shoes and coats in front of your dog walk towards the doot as if to go out, open the door but don’t go out then take your shoes and coats off and go and sit back down, Do this for 3 or 4 times, this lowers the anxiety when you are about to leave, a dog with separation anxiety will start getting stressed when you are about to leave so repeating this will minmise the stress of you getting ready to leave, soon when you put your coat on to leave your dog will relax and stress levels will be down – its not big deal.

    Next do this process, put your coat and shoes on walk towards the door but this time everyone leave the house as soon as your all out and the door is shut behing ou come back in (you have to be very patient and consisten with this) next do the same thing but stay outside the house for 5 mins and come back in, then again for 10mins, get it up to 20mins to half an hour and then an hour soon for your dog being left along will be no big deal, he will no that you are going to come back and his stress lebeles will minimise. You dog will learn that being away from the family for a while is no big deal therefore should be more relaxed.


    Make sure the crate has nice comfortable bedding in it. Never use your crate as a punishment! Everything linked to the crate needs to be very possitive! You want your dog to actully like the crate not feel stressed. Never force your dog into the crate, Start with putting treats at the back of the crate something nice and smelly! A Treat he only gets when associated with the crate like some Ham or peanut butter! Step away from the crate and let your dog go in by themselfs, repeat this.
    After a few goes shut the crate door but only for a couple of seconds and let your dog back out. Then intise him back in and shut if for a bit longer, then a bit longer, 5mins, 10mins etc… Leave the room sometimes – Praise him/her really well when in the crate. Feed him/her some treats while hes locked in the crate (through it) Build up the times to suit you.
    Eventully you pup should love going in the crate! All that praise and all them yummy treats and a nice comfy place to lie!