House breaking a 4 month old Husky?

How are we going to do it? We have had her for about 2-3 months now and crate training doesnt seem to have an effect. She can hold it in her kennel for awhile..but she still doesnt seem to understand that she is required to go outside. Am I leaving her out of the kennel to long to play? How long can you keep her in the kennel each day? What am I doing wrong? PLEASE HELP!!

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    3 Responses to “House breaking a 4 month old Husky?”

    1. CollieGrl says:

      Here is what I would do. First, she needs to be put on a set feeding schedule. Since she is a puppy, I would make sure she gets fed three to four times a day. I would let her eat, and then, give her some time to digest the food… maybe 20 minutes. Do not let her out of her crate during this time. Then, take her outside. I would go out with her and walk her, might as well start leash training now. Play with her. Do not bring her back inside until she goes to the bathroom, both pee and poop. Praise her IMMEDIATELY when she goes. Tell her what a good dog she is. Then, after she has gone to the bathroom, bring her back inside and let her play. This is what I did with my Collie puppy. She crate trained and house trained very quickly, about two weeks. Make sure not to give her food inbetween feedings and take her out every hour or so to pee. Hope this helps!

    2. yo says:

      hi tom,
      it seems like your husky needs to be spending more time with her owners. She is probably lonely, and nervous. I would suggest playing with her more, and taking her for walks until she learns to "go" outside.

    3. J'sHuSkY says:

      Schedule Schedule Schedule

      Give food same time every day, water same time every day.

      You’ll learn how long it takes to get through your dogs system there for you’ll know when to take her outside.

      When she does go potty outside, praise and treat.

      Do not hit or yell for potty inside. It’s too late if you haven’t caught them in the act.

      If your dog is going potty in another room then you are in, then keep her in the same room. Tie her to you with a leash until you get a good schedule down.