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    3 Responses to “Housebreaking – Why Do I Have To Use A Crate?”

    1. joecool460 says:

      hi my name is joe can you call me at 781 248 8850 regarding crate problems. thank you joe ferraro.

    2. lillyanna13126 says:

      You see though what i have seen happen is the Crate training is not done properly and the dog is eather left in the crate 24/7 Anthony’s, poor sister was kept in a crate to small for her because she spent all of her time in it and never learned to be in the house and not be wild, and insane. she Died of parvo though because some fool never took her to the vet, she had a sad 1 year of life.

    3. princesslunardragon says:

      I struggled with using a crate for my chocolate lab. When he was home for 3 days, I looked at it differently. Rather thana crate or a cage, I looked at it as a crib/ play pen. I knew that in there my little Tobie was safe and comforted. We also got an adjustible crate, which allowed it to grow with him. Thanks for your great dog tips, I really do enjoy them.