How can i get my Yorkie to listen to me?

I have a poodle and i trained him so he can sit, lay, shake, etc. Then again people say poodles aren’t the most intelligent dogs. However, i have a yorkie and she doesn’t seem to get the picture. She potties in the house, she jumps on top of tables and thinks she runs the house. I have tried kenneling her, i’ve tried popping her butt when she does something wrong, i’ve tried letter her out a gajillion times a day, and ive also tried the potty pads. can anyone help me!?

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9 Responses to “How can i get my Yorkie to listen to me?”

  1. defalrvt says:

    Look up crate training…when the dog is with you inside be paying attention all the time – keeping her on a leash tied around your waist. This way you can teach him indoor manners. IF you are not paying attention she should be in a small crate – big enough to stand up and turn around in – or outside in a fenced inclosure. Dogs should not be crated for longer than 8 hrs max per day! Take her outside frequently (at first every 15mins to 1 hr) and praise and treat her immediatly if she potties outside. If you still have problems take her to a trainer

  2. omegahpla says:

    First of all, poodles are actually THE MOST intelligent breed there is, and your’s probably has you spoiled.

    A Yorkie needs to be approached differently, they are typical terriers, little feisty buggers lol.

    I have 2, and what you need is a lot of persistance and you can’t fight with them because they do not back down and they will see it as a challenge, and you will lose, the dog will fight you to the death, trust me : ). A 3 lb yorkie will charge a 150 lb mastiff and never even hesitate if it feels challenged.

    The way to get to a yorkie is to make approval and attention conditional upon them pleasing you. A frontal tactic will not work, so get them with their own nature, and they are really wonderful dogs when you know their motivations. Never hit them and never act angry with them, persistance and motivation with food and love is the key.

    Here is something to get you started, but you should probably get a book on the breed and how to deal specifically with a Yorkie.

    I love mine, and they have been a pleasure to train, but I had some good advice before I started.

    edit: The AKC actually rates the Border Collie #1 in intelligence, but they are wrong. The border collie is extremely bright, but the akc used skewed rating systems as to following certain comands and Border Collies are much more physical and agile, more athletic and right brained so to speak.

    The poodle can learn more words, and they are more sensitive to their owners, and love to make them laugh. Poodles are about my favorite dog, and many of the best and most intelligent and eager to please breeds have poodle in their lines. Don’t sell your poodle short, he’s the true king.

  3. mcally says:

    Poodles are very smart. Stop "popping" the dog and take it to a training class! If you can’t train it yourself hire someone to help you.

    Please don’t hit your dog you will just make it scared of you.

  4. [[♥]] says:

    talk to him in dog language 🙂

  5. chaloupka9 says:

    You can tell your dog off in their own language by making a quick high-pitched ah sound.
    For the bathroom thing if you leave her food out constantly for her to eat whenever she wants you won’t know when she might have to go potty. So only set her food down at certain times for about fifteen minutes a day.

  6. Misa M says:

    Hi there. Be aware that "popping" your dog does nothing to help – it does teach her that you are dangerous, unpredictable, and untrustworthy. You are certainly not worthy of her attention – except to protect herself from you.
    There is no trainer, no dog magazine article, no guidebook, and no expert that would ever recommend hitting a dog to teach her. Please sign up for a training class so that you can learn how to teach your dog.

  7. ξ Bindi § says:

    Have you considered that small breeds can take longer to housetrain? Or that your dog may have a medical issue that prevents it from being housetrained?

    A vet visit is in order here to make sure there are no underlying medical issues.

    By the way, potty pads only teach the dog its ok to eliminate under a roof. Any place with a roof is fair game, throw them out.

  8. Ty B says:

    Poodles are known for being very smart.

    Hire a trainer.

  9. Jane L says:

    Yorkies are extremely stubborn, strong-willed little dogs, for this reason they are hard to house train. I’ve had serveral different breeds, but my Yorkies were the hardest. It’s actually like potty training a baby. Yorkies are not happy with a pat on the head and a "good boy" like most dogs. If you make a ridiculously big deal about it when they do go out (act like they just saved the world) they seem to respond better. Otherwise they don’t think it’s worth it. Basically, if they don’t see a point to it they won’t do it. It took monthes before mine would go out, I was trying to train them as I would any other dog. So when I started making a HUGE fuss (like going on and on for like 2 minutes after), they got better about going out and then stopped having accidents completely. So after a few days of making this HUGE fuss, when you do catch her having an accident, it is very important to shame her and then ignore her. Don’t pet her, talk to her, or ackowledge her for just a few minutes after (everytime she messes ignore her a little longer). Yorkies are usually very sensitive and they hate to have thier feelings hurt. So when you go from making a huge fuss to telling her she’s a "Dirty Dog!!!" and "Shame on you!!!" in a calm but disappointed voice (NO yelling) and then ignoring her, she should be much more willing to go out as she will want you to be happy. It may take awhile but you should see some improvement soon. You could try to shame her when she gets up on the tables and stuff as well as for house training.Good Luck!!!