How do dogs and cats feel when they are locked in a cage?

I want to know becuz my dog is lost and I wonder how it will feel being locked in a cage

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    4 Responses to “How do dogs and cats feel when they are locked in a cage?”

    1. Aundreah says:

      Generally, I’d have to say that that depends on how you raised it. If you raised it to be okay while locked in a cage for extended periods of time, then it should be fine. If not though, the dog might go through withdrawls or become agressive or change it’s behavior all together depending on cage size and his or her temperament before the caging.

    2. threenorns says:

      they actually don’t mind all that much, seeing as their natural home is a den.

    3. Aduial says:

      You dog is lost? Why are you wondering about him being in a cage? Why aren’t you out there looking?

    4. drmoo2u says:

      Dogs/cats den … so they like small spaces/dark … that said they also have feelings … and being held in a wire cage is not pet friendly … hope you get you buddy back soon … good luck