How do I convince my wife to get a second dog?

We have a great lab mix right now, he is crate trained, housebroken great dog.

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9 Responses to “How do I convince my wife to get a second dog?”

  1. Moli says:

    Just bring home a puppy.Woman react emotionally,no girl will refuse a puppy 😀

  2. Pamela says:

    Jay Hun, if you can’t convince her what makes you think we can. Why do you think you really need a second dog?

  3. Morgan says:

    maybe compermise on what dog to get and say "I will feed it and potty train it" also tell her how good your other dog is and that it will be good for your other dog to have someone to play with.

  4. Syd says:

    To convince you need to take resoponsibilty with any thing you do in your house.Maybe clean up after your dog or just clean up your house.Try to pick up hair and other dropping of your dog. You should talk to her about it and say you would takes alot of responsibily

  5. Colouriings says:

    Your man of the house, buy a dog, bring it home, she cant do anything about it, its not like shes going to turn a dog away on the streets just because you didn’t listen to her not wanting another dog.


  6. wicked witch of east says:

    clean up after the dog you have
    feed it, walk it, take it to the vet
    if your wife sees you doing the work instead of her, then she may be willing to let you have a 2nd dog provided you continue to do the work yourself
    or maybe she just doent really like dogs. i personlly hate them. they are gross
    if this is the case, then maybe you should be nice to the wife and let her only have to deal with the one dog,
    after all, hopefully the wife is nicer than the dogs

  7. Angel Barbie says:

    why do you want a second? why doesn’t she want a second? is she the one who has to walk the dog, feed it and scoop all the poop?

  8. pickmefirstplz says:

    tell her she will have to do nothing in caring for the dogs you will do it all

  9. UHave2BeKiddingMe says:

    As the man of the house, just inform her you are getting another dog.

    Seriously if you need her permission there is a lot more going on here then a disagreement about a dog.

    I have a great book suggestion for her as well called "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husnbads" By Dr. Laura available on Amazon.

    As I said the dog thing is just the tip of the iceburg here.