how do i find my phone it has been missing for 2 days?

well i am a phone freak and im missing my phone pretty badly it is on silent with no vibrate and i have searched the house top to bottom for it and i have gone through all the places i have been in the last 2 days even the dog kennel fridge horse paddock and i even tipped out the whole garbage bin im pretty desperate to find it plllleeease help me!!

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6 Responses to “how do i find my phone it has been missing for 2 days?”

  1. Jeri Gatewood says:

    You got me… I find this.

  2. محمد بهاء بن ضيف says:

    Call it !

  3. Mohita Verma says:

    Rewind your memory. It was Monday/Sunday on that day, WAS it? I must say that you should look at the place where you keep your phone and try to rewind your memory. I guess someone has stolen it. Have you complained to the police? They hardly listen to complaints but (sorry, police!!!) but at least you could try and do your best. Look, all you should do first is to relax. Who all did you meet previously? Did you let anyone see your phone, even for a second? What were you doing before you lost your phone?

    Try and follow the steps above. You should buy a new phone, of course. And please try your best in tracking up wherever you went with your phone. It is most likely to get lost where you went outside. Any strangers entering your house that time? I guess that this is likely to happen.

    I will share it all- an old computer-fixing man used to come to our house and he stole my friend s’ PHONE! We checked him from top to bottom but there was no sign of the phone anywhere. Gosh, how bad that was! He insisted he did not have it, though.

    Hope no strangers have taken it. Remember, we learn by experience… best of luck in finding your phone!

  4. Caroline Rayner says:

    if you cant find it buy a new phone if you feel the need to have a phone so badly

  5. Jonny Mills says:

    Maybe you lost it outside… try to remember when was the last time you used it and what happens next…

  6. new nanna says:

    No one can be expected to locate your phone, other than yourself.