How do I introduce a dog to my cats?

I have two indoor 10month old kittens. They are very sweet, friendly, and highly intelligent cats. They know tricks!!–sit, come, speak, highfive, and they like theyre bellies/feet rubbed. Totally unlike any of the other cats I’ve had in the past! One of my close friends just moved into my apt to help me pay bills ((until my house is closed on)) and she has a dog. Her dog is a 5 year old mutt–part dalmation, part retriever I think, and part something else. But very friendly and rather lazy lol. My cats have never had an issue acepting other cats–there was one time I had to leave the state for three weeks, and my sister watched them. She has two cats of her own, and after day four, they were best buds! ((Mind you, the other cats were a 10 year female and a 4 year male.)) Only thing is, at this apt now, there is a dog that lives next door. The owner of the dog next door never puts him on a leash so that dumb dog jumps at my windows when the kittens are there, scaring them. The kittens usually dont come back around to being comfortable and normal for about an hour. My question is, is there a safe and fastly effective way to get my kittens to accept my roommate’s dog? For now, my roommate’s dog stays in the kennel cage, inside her bedroom with the door closed.

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2 Responses to “How do I introduce a dog to my cats?”

  1. wendy says:

    Ok. At least let the door open to the bedroom so the cats can take a look at the dog for a day or two. ( Day 3) Then let the dog out of cage for a while,. With you in the room for a couple of hours. Even if the cats hide that is fine. Then put dog back in cage. Repeat this for a couple of day. And your cats will be used to the dog. It does take 4-5 days for this to work. But Yes it will work for you .. Good Luck.. I rescued a dog wich is 4 years old and it took my cat who is 2 years old. About 5 days. Now they are buddies…

  2. Anisa says:

    Put the dog on a leash, and bring him/her out for the cats to meet. Don’t freak if the dog gets excited or barks out of excitement. If the cats go into hiding, just wait, they’re probably excited and nervous. When they come out just let them sniff each other and whatever they do. If the dog looks like he wants to eat them, put the dog back in the cage.
    I have three cats and used to have two dogs. When I got my second dog, we just brought her in and it was fine. We only had the older dog and cat at the time. When we got the second cat, we brought her in my room then let both the dogs in to meet her. They were fine, same with the next cat. My older cat is funny because he hisses at them if they get too close to him sometimes (He’s got a kidney failure so he’s gone a bit crazy).
    When my parent’s friend use to bring his dog over, my older cat would jump on the table to avoid him. When my cousin brings her crazy hyper dog over, my second cat runs upstairs and won’t come down until he leaves. Even for a week!
    I’m just saying this because maybe one kitten might like the dog but the other one doesn’t. I’m sure they’ll be fine if the dog is good with other dogs and friendly.
    Hope I helped.