How do I stop my dog's regressive behavior?

My puppy is a purebread pomeranian who I’ve had for almost 2 months. She is only 10 weeks old and I got her when she was only 4 weeks which I realize was way to early but I didn’t know any better. I started kenneling her and she did great… didn’t wake up at night, didn’t potty in it, and she didn’t cry when I put her in it. However, in the past week she has been crying excessively many times throughout the night, pottying in the crate, going potty on my floors, and have extreme attachment difficulties when I come home. It makes it hard to even want to be around her anymore. She’s not a normal dog who when you pick it up will sit with you… she bites now, barks all the time, and is just a bad dog anymore. Any suggestions?

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6 Responses to “How do I stop my dog's regressive behavior?”

  1. Unicornrider says:

    Stop with the crate, it’s not functioning the way it was meant to and you can’t teach her hopw to do it after she’s done it wrong.
    You have to be her mom now and teach her how to be, she is confuised and this is making her aggressive. You have to assert as alpha role as she grows older. If at all possible, my best advice is to take her back, since what she needs to learn needs to be taught by her mom, and not you.

  2. ginbark says:

    Removing a pup from the litter b4 8 weeks old causes behavior and emotional problems. They often have seperation anxiety and biting problems. Now you are going to have to have a ton of patience and realize she will probably never be as good of a dog as she might have been if left with the litter. Only a BYB would allow a 4 week old pup to leave so her poor breeding contributes to her problems. It will take a while to housebreak her, so take her out on leash every hour and praise her when she potties outside. Give her something to chew on when crated, hopefully her crate is in the bedroom.

  3. says:

    See a vet to rule out medical problems. Is the dog getting lots of exercise during the day? Are you doing any training with the dog?Do you understand how dogs learn new behaviors? Your dog wants something or needs something and can’t say it so acts out. If you’ve never taken a class, you should and read some books. Puppies are challenging and go through different stages as they develop. Remember that dogs are social animals, imagine being left alone all the time with only a minimum of interaction and then when someone IS around you get isolated again. Learning about dogs would help both of you out.

  4. kpid says:

    Take her to puppy preschool. She is being a perfectly normal puppy but you need to show her the rules of your house. Do a google search on puppy training or new puppies. Here’s just one link…
    Don’t forget she’s just a baby. 4 weeks was far too young to leave the litter (which you said you already realise) so she’s missed some really crucial time to learn.
    She really will need to socialise now and both of you can learn together at a puppy class

  5. ♥♥♥ says:

    well,,, maybe shes growing her teeth thats why she bites.. and maybe she cries because she dosent have someone to play and be with her…

  6. Kaj DA BASH says:

    watch the dog whisperer