How do you crate train a dog?

I have not got a clue.

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    1. keackae23 says:

      Crate training is a long process. It can take weeks or months to get a dog fully trained.
      The entire point to crate training is getting the dog to love his/her crate. When I say "Go Crate!" my dogs run into their crates. They cannot get out of them until I say "Okay!".
      You first have to build value for your dog being in the crate. Get a wonderful treat that your dog loves, one that you will only use for the crate. Then just feed them a bunch of treats in succesion while they are in it. They will learn that crate=yummy treats! Once they will happily sit in the crate, door open, with you feeding them, close the door. Then open it again and feed. Repeat this, each time keeping the door closed for a longer amount of time. Eventually you can latch it. Then you can build up to leaving the room briefly, then returning to give them another treat. Gradually build up the time that they are in the crate. At the same time you are working on this, make sure that your dog does not bolt out of the crate as soon as you open it. The crate door opening means nothing; they are released by your verbal only. If they try to come out as soon as you open it, immediatly close the door again. When they shrink back a bit, open the door. Keep repeating this until you can open the door without them darting out. Then give them a big treat and release!
      So to review: Feed feed feed in the crate. Gradually build up time that they are in the crate. Don’t allow them to bolt out when you open the door.
      Sorry for the long winded response, but crate training is no short task!

    2. Nancy D says:

      My way might not be the best way, but I put my dog in the cage. He cried and he wouldn’t stop so I made a bed right next to his cage and petted him through the cage until he fell alseep then left. I think I did that once. Then if he cried again my dad threw a shoe at the cage. They just need time to get used to it. I think the first way is the best not the shoe throwing 🙂

    3. Idontthinkso says:

      This website has instructions for crate training – They have lots of different articles about training your dog to be crate trained, but basically what you do is keep the dog in his crate when you’re not at home or when you can’t watch him. You need to watch him all the time when you’re home so he can’t have an accident and make sure you take him out a lot at first so he has lots of chances to pee and poop outside. Make sure you praise him for going to the bathroom outside so he’ll know that’s the right place.

      You should also keep him in his crate overnight, so you can’t feed him or give him water late in the evening or you’ll have to wake up in the middle of the night to let him out.

      Crate training worked well for my dog but it can take a while before the dog is trained to stay out in the house without the crate.