How far will you go to help a dog?

I have noticed to the extreme how many people and/or groups go after one another in this section so here is something for everyone to think about. Right now I have 4 pups at my feet. My son found them dumped in the country where they could only be found by accident. Wild as can be! We have just began to pick them up. Only 2 have collars on. I’ve had to worm and vaccinate them myself can’t get them to a crate to take them to the vet yet.

I have scars on my hands from trying to pick them up. I have had to turn my computer room into a dog room where the go to the bathroom on pads. I hate not training them not to go out.

I do this because some idiot didn’t care enough to shoot them. I do this because the shelter would have had to put them down.
I do this because these pups needed a chance for life.
By the way I think they were only about 8 weeks old at the time.
So how far would you go.
I didn’t mean what would you do in my situation. I meant how far would you go to save a life of a dog? Take it to a shelter? Ignore the situation? What would you do??
Kitty, Have you ever seen what a pack of coyotes can do to a 8 week old puppy? A bullet to the head is way better than what the person left these pups to!

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15 Responses to “How far will you go to help a dog?”

  1. . says:

    I have never come across a dumped litter of puppies.

    I would like to say that if I ever did I would certainly give them every chance possible of survival.

    I have found birds that have fallen from trees and with the vets helpful hand I have raised them enough to set them free.

    I have re homed several dogs that someone has "not wanted anymore" usually a gift from my sister. She hears of them then gives them to me. I have not had any for very long time.

    Birds are a different story, I have massive natural aviaries and the majority of the birds are from someone who no longer wanted them, also passed on from my sister hearing of them and giving them to me.. I give them a home and I am not willing top part with any of them. They are domesticated and cannot be released into the wild.

    You obviously are a very caring person and I hope that I could be just as caring as you.

  2. Daisy says:

    Bless your heart… careful. Sounds like they are extrememly aggressive ones. The bigger they get the worse they may get. Use your own judgement as to what to do if they don’t begin to show less aggression in the next few or so. Best of luck to you.

  3. Free says:

    you are awesome. thank you.
    i rescued a litter from a dumpster. too small to feed on their own. all died but one. and this one had tapeworms and was anemic. i took it to the vet. changed the bloody papers it left everyday due to the worms and anemia. fed it with a syringe till it was old enough to feed on its own. i took on a litter of puppies from someone who wanted to bury them alive because they were not pure bred. ten of them. from birth i had to be their mother, i had to feed them every two hours for weeks, i had to make sure they would potty ,(mom dogs licked their babies to iniate the urge to potty) i had to wipe their bottoms with warms cloths because if they didn’t they would not potty and they would die. i had to watch a couple die in my hands, i was helpless, i couldnt help them. that is the worst feeling ever to watch something so helpless gasp for air. its hard for me to talk about. i do this because i believe in the quality of life. i do this because i am a compassionate person. i do this because they cannot speak for themselves. i do this because MANY won’t. thank you, and God bless you

  4. evlangel06 says:

    Get them socialized!!!

  5. Nekai says:

    What you did is great, but I wouldn’t say that the people who dumped them didn’t "care enough to shoot them"…

    You’ll find plenty of people on this board who have done this, and more. This is all some people do…

    Good luck and I’m glad that you took the pups in.

  6. Shine says:

    That is so thoughtful and I am really sorry you are going through something you didn’t ask for such as that. If it happened to me, I would want to do whatever I could to help, but the rest of my family doesn’t like dogs so I have to work really hard just to keep the one I’ve got now.

  7. J.Rose says:

    I would do just what you are doing.

  8. kittyka119 says:

    I would go as far as you and farther. You care for these dogs but then you say that someone didn’t shoot them. I don’t understand how that is caring? I would pick up those pups and care for them by helping them outside no mater how bad my hands get hurt. I would find a box and carry them to a local vet. I would bring them home and make sure that they had a safe and caring home. I would go this far and much much farther.

  9. Nandina (Bunny Slipper Goddess) says:

    I’ve picked up a dog that I saw get hit by a car, and put him in my vehicle and drove him to the nearest vet clinic. They couldn’t save him, unfortunately. And I never could get all the blood out of my jeans and my car’s carpet.

    As for our own dogs… let’s just say we’re still paying off the surgery bills from the dog we lost three years ago.

  10. Rosalie says:

    As far as you are going.

    I would think feeding them in crates now would get them going in – my puppies all got crate trained at that age, and they certainly weren’t in crates before 7 weeks old, so there shouldn’t be much difference.

    By the way, I highly recommend that you separate them, even if that means you have one in every corner of the house – and socialize each one to people individually. If you leave them together, they will bond only to their littermates and not to people, making them even harder to train.

  11. orangebuttercat74 says:

    At 8 weeks old, they may have a chance, you’ll need to show them a loving human, not a mean one.
    However, there’s still a chance they’ll have emotional/behavioral issues and need to be put down at a later date. Wouldn’t you feel bad if they bit a little kid?
    Good luck, only you can make this decision… if my kid brought home 4 nasty little strays, they’d be at the humane society so fast….
    … and I love dogs, adopted my last one at 18 months, I’m her 4th (and final) home. 🙂

  12. Angel F says:

    you should help them till you can get homes for them or find a shelter that takes them and dose not put them down unless they have a disease.

  13. chriswswife says:

    I wouldn’t go so far as to say somebody "didn’t CARE enough to shoot them"… but I digress. I think morally, a person should do what is within their power, unless it puts another human life or their own at risk, to do what they can to save an animal.
    It’s sad to me that whoever dumped those puppies did not take the time to just find a rescue of some sort to take them to.

  14. Gracie says:

    I would do just as you have done. What goes around comes around….so those idiots who are cruel to animals will get the same one day in some form or other. God bless you.

  15. mariepsw06 says:

    Well, I would go as far as anyone could possibly go. In my case, I took in a dog that was found on the side of a highway with her litter as well. She was and is still fearful of many things and people. I spent tons of money on training alone and working one on one with someone to help with her fears. I also got a second dog so that she would have afriend and by getting this fearless friend, my rescued dog is slowly learning that there is nothing to be scared of. I am a single person with just enough income to feed my pups and have regular vet check ups. I am broke because I see too many abused animals and the least I can do is take on one and give it a good home. Besides, they truly are mens best friends and I don’t go a single day without a laugh from watching the things these dogs do while playing. Bless everyone for taking in a hurt animal.