How long can my puppy stay home alone?

How Long can I leave puppy home alone i wanna go to lake so im leaving him in living room with a gate up and put lots of water and food out i would leave at 5 come home around 11 in morning he does stay in kennel durning work but thats only like 8 hours this is longer if its a bad idea i could come home around 2 in morning but would like to spend night out there i covered all plugs and stuff so he has no wires or anythin to chew and leaving him his toys and blakents
sorry puppy is 10 weeks old and no he cant tip over his bowl and i am leaving a puppy pad down
So according to last person i haave to stay home all the time and not work to have a puppy then no one would ever get a dog thats stupid

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5 Responses to “How long can my puppy stay home alone?”

  1. jmdebb says:

    Personally I would never leave a puppy at that age alone from 5pm to 11 am. He could chew alot of things that can harm him, he will definately go to the bathroom all over. But the most important issue is that he will get into things he should and can harm himself. And if you use a crate it is not good to leave a dog in one that long. I would find a baby sitter. errr…dog sitter..

  2. swttoothfairy says:

    You should just give your dog away if you don’t have time for it. Dogs need owner time together. They can’t always be alone. You have to give your dog to someone who has time for it. -_-

  3. forever_dreaming says:

    you can do that but i would say expect to clean up some puppy mess when you get home if you dont have a dog door for him to use while your gone.

  4. Ladybug54 says:

    You didn’t say how old your puppy is, but IMO that is too long to leave a puppy unsupervised. Do you have a friend or relative that could come and check on the puppy.

    If the puppy is less than 6 months old, he needs to be fed at least twice a day. Is his water bowl one that he can’t tip over?

    You would be amazed at the things puppies can find to get into when they are unsupervised.

    Your living room will be a mess when you get home because no puppy can stay inside that long a period without needing to urinate or poop.


  5. xXEvil Laugh ☃ Bwahahah!X says:

    he should PROBABLY do okay, but one time I left my puppy alone in my bathroom and he destroyed all of the tile. Leave him some chew toys to keep him entertained, and don’t leave anything besides toys, food, and water (and newspaper to do his business) in his reach. If you’re still worried, ask a neighbor or friend to stop by every few hours 🙂