How long can my toy breed dog stay in his crate?

I was told by my mother that he could stay in the crate for up to 4 hours, but people put them in it over night to sleep. Also the vet said that the crate is a place of comfort and safety, a place for eating and sleeping.

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One Response to “How long can my toy breed dog stay in his crate?”

  1. MSAD says:

    Many toy breeds can’t "hold it" through the night and have to be taken outside to do business during the night. I have a friend with miniature doxies and they have to go out during the night. The can go 8 hrs (for the work day) but have to be walked right before she goes to work and walked as soon as she gets home.

    You also don’t want to keep the dog in a crate all day while you are at work and then come right home and crate them all night.

    You want to make sure the dog has plenty of time with you and for lots of exercise.