How long did you keep your dogs crate?

I have a black lab who is about 4-5 years old and we still keep his crate in the Living room for him to sleep in . we took the door off so he can go in and out as he please but a dog crate no matter how nicely folded with blankets or placed we have it isn’t really the best piece of decor for our Living room .

When did you get rid of the dog crate ? or do you still have it ?
He would be fine if we got rid of it now because at night he mostly sleeps by me or my sisters bed anyway.

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6 Responses to “How long did you keep your dogs crate?”

  1. munchkin says:

    you could get rid of it but when i got rid of mine, when i would go to a friends place who had two crates for her dogs, my dog always slept in them … so i bought a doghouse that coordinates with my decor and put the crate away … i kept the crate for traveling … my dog is now 12 and uses her doghouse daily for a snooze …

  2. Labman says:

    I would never take a dog’s crate away from it. Until i visited one lady’s home, I thought she was joking about having crates stacked 3 high in her living room. Perhaps my daughter has a less obtrusive solution. The crate is in a corner with a sofa against it. She has a sheet of cardboard and then a cover as on any other end table.

  3. Rayven ~ Waiting for summer says:

    We had the crates for the entire life of the dogs. Please who gives a damn about decor and if that’s going to be your main concern there are plenty of stylish and expensive crates out there Believe me when I say neither your friends or family care if the crate doesn’t match the rest of the house.

    Dog crates neither go out of style nor stop having a purpose

    But seriously if it bugs you SOO much that it doesn’t match the rest of the living room then move it

  4. EmiLou says:

    We have a 3 year old German Shepherd & a black lab X spaniel. We still have both of their crates because if they get a little bit excited or just need some down time you can put them in just to chill. They even go in on their own sometimes lol 🙂 We have ours in the corner of the room so its out of the way.

  5. Cookie The First One says:

    If you don’t have a room you can cordon off for the dog and his crate, you just give up the "decor" notion while owning a dog. Other dog owners will sympathize with you and those that don’t have dogs, nor like them probably aren’t very good friends anyway………
    Because I have a multi-dog household, I have crates in the living room, family room and my bedroom, as do all my friends.

  6. Jojo says:

    I only used my crates for the dogs when they were puppies.
    I still have the crates up in the loft!
    My dogs are happier sleeping in their utility room at night.
    If your lab loves his crate, you could try moving it to somewhere different in the house???
    Or if he is happy to do without it and sleep on a dog bed. get rid of it.
    Try him on a dog bed or wherever before you get rid of the crate though in case he really misses it. Some dogs do love having their own little den to snuggle in. I must agree with you though. Crates really do spoil the look of a room, especially if they are large.