How much should I sell my dog for??

I have a 2 year old poodle miniature and she is very friendly and cute. Buying the dog would include a crate, toys, brush, and food. She is also neutered and microchip ed.One of the family members does not feel comfortable around her(bad experience previously) so unfortunately we must sell her. How much should we sell her for?

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18 Responses to “How much should I sell my dog for??”

  1. Kim C says:

    $250.00 – $350.00 which includes said items. Anyone who comes to see, ask lots of questions, such as:
    1. What is your living arrangement?
    2. Do you have a fence?
    3. Have you had a dog before?
    4. What is your experience with this breed?
    5. Do you have children?
    All of these questions a breeder would ask a potential buyer/new owner. You don’t want your dog going to someone who is never home, and does not supervise their children when with a dog. You want the best possible situation for your dog. There are people that will just use the dog as bait for another dog or do other things to it that are just as bad. I DO NOT RECOMMEND JUST GIVING YOUR DOG AWAY FOR FREE! As I said above $250.00 – $350.00 Adoption Fee Price Range. You want what is best for your dog, when you find a potential new owner. Nothing Less is Acceptable.

  2. LittleBarb says:

    Is this dog AKC registered with papers to prove it? The price of a purebred dog greatly increases when the dog is registered and sold WITH PAPERS… if she has them, the dog alone should go for about $250 and the crate, toys, brush and food probably another $100… so a total of $350…. she IS after all a 2 year old and NEUTERED so she wouldn’t be a breeding dog or able to be shown so she would only be a family pet….you could sell her for MORE if she was not neutered and was able to be bred…

    I’d hate to be any PERSON who didn’t quite get along with someone in your family—-sure hope you wouldn’t discard THEM as quickly as you want to discard this dog—COULD be the person who does not get along with your dog MIGHT have hurt the dog in some way…..

  3. Retired says:

    I guess you should get all you can for her, heck it’s just a dog and who cares about a dog? After you agree on a price with the sucker that’s going to buy him take a few bucks off so the first couple of weeks the dog is hurting from losing it’s loved ones seems better.

  4. Linda D says:

    You should consider turning your dog over to a Poodle rescue organization. They will carefully screen any potential adopters to make sure she finds the best home possible.

  5. create62 says:

    39 cents

  6. Gail H says:

    Shame on you. Train the dog and the family member, Poodles are extremely smart and lovable. What bad experience and why did you get the dog in the first place? Then go and try to sell her? No one is going to pay much for a dog that is two years old, puppies maybe but not a dog. Find a good home for her for free and cut your losses.

  7. Melissa S says:

    Ok since it is 2 years old you cannot expect someone to pay full price for her. Besides it depends on wether or not the dog is papered and has had all her shots and her health record…

    With all this in mind I would sell her for 250 to 350 dollars.

  8. austen e says:

    you should sell it for alot because its nice. about $550. i think nice dogs should be worth that much

  9. smars442002 says:

    a 2 year old dog is probably more of a give a way dog instead of a selling dog. Do not know of many people looking to buy a full grown dog.
    Get rid of the family member.

  10. Steph says:

    Animals should NOT be for sale, neither should human beings

  11. assertive1 says:

    On the net they go for $400 and up if they are AKC registered! Even with all of the supplies though I don’t see you getting that much because she is 2 years old and most people want puppies, but you could try…

  12. silvojax says:

    what dog?

  13. mccoyblues says:

    Give her away to a good home.

  14. Supernova55 says:

    About between 200 and 1,000 dollars. 🙂

  15. ♥Aly A♥ says:

    Omg I wouldnt sell my puppy but if I did I would for 400.

  16. I♥My Violin says:

    probably free, but the accessories should be 50$. free to a good home, with $50 for additional supplies.

  17. Emme says:

    I think you should just give her to me. After all you really just want her to have a good home right?

  18. Kyleontheweb says:

    Tree Fiddy.