How much should I sell my dog for??

I have a 2 year old poodle miniature and she is very friendly and cute. Buying the dog would include a crate, toys, brush, and food. One of the family members does not feel comfortable around her(bad experience previously) so unfortunately we must sell her. How much should we sell her for?

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10 Responses to “How much should I sell my dog for??”

  1. Kim C says:

    I would recommend $250.00 – $350.00. I answered this question before previously and I also emailed you with further info.

  2. bassetnut says:

    You will find that there’s not a lot of demand for adult dogs, especially a common breed. People want puppies.

    You might check and see what your local shelters are charging in adoption fees for similar dogs.

    The best option for the dog would be to contact your local poodle rescue, they should be able to help with placing her in a good home.

  3. john s says:

    i would sooner sell the family member who doesn,t feel comfortable with her she,s been in your care and protection for allthis time how comfortable is she going to feel when she loses all her security

  4. Jennifer T says:

    I can’t advise on a price, but I can offer suggestions to make sure she is going to a good home. First, make up a contract stating how you expect the dog to be cared for, i.e. indoors, groomed, fed, watered, proper vet care, etc. Also include that she is not to be given away, sold or transferred unless you have an option to take her back first, or that you must approve any new home. Insist on visiting the new home before agreeing to place her there, or have a trusted friend go. It is important to verify that the home exists, and the person wanting your dog isn’t a puppy miller or research buncher. Ask for vet references, and CONTACT them.

    I know that since you can’t keep her, you’ll want her to have the safest new home possible. Good luck.

  5. LA says:

    I would say at least $200 to $300, maybe more. My brother bought his 6 week old miniature yorkie for $1200. Dogs are expensive these days,especially miniatures, and the accessories aren’t cheap either. Make sure you sell her to a family that loves her as much as you do. It can be very hard on a dog moving from one home to the next. Make sure the family will love her and care for her.

  6. babyphatgoddess75 says:

    You shouldn’t sell the dog. You got the dog, and a dog is a committment. If you can’t have her anymore, yu should try to find her a good home. not the one that will pay you the most. I feel sorry the dog, do you know how hard it is on a dog, when it’s spent this much time with a family and it’s being ‘sold’

  7. shannoncullenx says:

    A miniture poodle costs around £150 as you are supplying food and toys etc charge about £175.

  8. sasha_mocha says:

    i would be more worried about finding a good home not price…

  9. the_defiant_kulak says:

    Give it away.

  10. psychosidviciousfixation says:

    $200.00 Dogs sell faster when advertised right. Make a colorful printed poster that shows the dog, tells whats included, say that its a great dog thats good with children.
    Leave space at the bottom of the poster that you can fold on both sides and then write your phone number sideways then cut the phone numbers up to the folded part of the paper so its easy for them to pull the numbers off. Also include the phone number on the main part of the poster just in case all the phone numbers get taken off.
    Small dogs are always popular, your dog should sell fast.
    Good luck. XD