How much would it be to buy and train a dog?

How much would it be to buy and train a dog?
ok, i live on long island i want a dog i need to train and buy a yorkie i was thinking to train it a petco how much would it also be to buy a cage food bowl and any other dog neccesities

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  1. Kit_kat says:

    probably about $2000 or more
    Yorkies go for about $1000
    if you are just talking about a puppy training course that’s about $100 and another $100 for dog obedience class.
    Then supplies like crate, collar, leash, dish, etc about $200
    then you need the vets and that’s about $100 or so for each visit they should get shots at 8 weeks, 12 weeks and 16 weeks, then they need the rabies shots and should be spayed then you need t get the license.
    Now that is if nothing should go wrong in between and you need additional visits to the vet.
    Good Luck Yorkies are sweet oh and also they either need regular brushing so they don’t mat or shaved and that the groomers will charge for as well.

  2. Patti M says:

    I would purchase your pup through a breader and not any pet store. With a breader you get a health guarantee for over 2+ years and a wealth of information.

    A great site you may want to try is:

    Just enter your state and city and the yorkie of your dreams will appear.

    You may also want to ask your local vet’s office. They have hugh resources with the local shelters and these pups are often pure bred pups (yes pure bred pups) that owners have had to give up for all sorts of reasons. (Elderly family…moving into a nursing facility)…(Someone passes away and the other family member doesn’t or can’t take care of the pup)…all these pups are vacinated and spayed/neutered and just looking for ‘forever homes".

    The price of these pups are usually minimal! Remember all the vet bills have been taken care of.

    Now my personal opinion (I am the owner of 4 shelties) and I would NOT TRAIN any of my shelties at PETCO. HOWEVER, the person doing the training for Petco is always open to coming to your home for a small fee and train your pup at your home! This makes for a more personalized experience for you & your pup.

    With places like Petco and having a new puppy….one always worries about the other puppies/adult dogs roaming the store and whether or NOT THEY have had their vacinnations and if THEY are HEALTHY. I would not put any of my precious pups at risk for any disease. These places make it sound so cute….however…if you go one Saturday or Sunday and check them out (without your dog), you will see what a circus this really is. The toys they use are OLD and they have a wire fence that can barely stand up on it’s own. People gather around looking at your dog trying to learn….little kids throw things in for the pup to eat….it’s absoluately a mess.
    The people training the pups are very nice….but the facility itself and where it is located is not/.

    A crate; puppy bowl; bedding etc is not all that expensive. Usually on their web sites as….. you can get free shipping and the items you chose are delivered right to your front door. They offer a puppy program and usually you can get a coupon for 10% -20% off your purchase.

    Another site to find the coupon for the 10-20% off is called…

    How this helps and good luck with your new little buddy.

  3. kassandra says:

    To buy a dog, it depends what breed and whom you by it from. Training it? that also depends on what exatcly it is you want and the length of the program. For example, in our case we contracted a company b/c we needed abedience training for our American Bulldog b/c sh would get out of control and angry towards ANY stranger. We paid $800 for 8wks, once a week so $800 for 8 sessions which is a lot of money.
    If all you want is something simple like houbreaking, I suggest you buy books or log on to websites instead.

  4. SarahG121 says:

    well yorkis are usually fairly expensive unless you get it from a kennel which may be slightly hard to do… they can probably(i’m estimating) range from 200 to well over 1000 dollars a cage could cost anywhere from $20 to $200 just depending on the size and luxury of the cage. food bowls are usually fairly cheap usually less than $20 and other dog necessities like toys and a leash are usually less than $20 unless they’re extravagent. i’m not quite sure how expensive training is but i’m guessing probably around $500 or $1000 if it is a many week training or i’m guessing around $30 dollars per class

  5. maroonbabycarrots says:

    Well, first, find a reputable breeder. And pure breeds that are NOT backyard or puppymill bred will go into the higher hundreds to thousands. So that means NO PET STORE ANIMALS!

    If you are going to crate train the dog, then expect to spend about 14 to 30 dollars for it. As for food, you will probably spend 10 to 20 dollars a month. The cheaper the food, usually, the higher the vet bills in the future.

    Don’t forget the vet bills!

    Petco does to basic training, which will be good for a Yorkie.

    I know with my animals, I spend about 30 to 100 dollars a month on them.

  6. CF_ says:

    buy it from where and train it for what??

    NEVER buy from a pet store – you will pay too much for a low quality pet (sure they are cute) and be supporting a very cruel industry of breeding pups for nothing other than profit.. (puppy mills)

    always get from a reputable breeder OR adopt (cheapest) from SPCA or similar shelter – OR rescue from Yorkie rescue.

    the food cost can vary – if you buy a cheap food you will end up feeding more of it, if you buy a good quality food -the food itself costs more but the dog eats less…

    supplies will be about $100 – $200. The crate being the most costly .

    also spaying or neutering is a BIG neccessity not to be over looked – different vets charge different amounts
    training – again call up and find out how much it costs – depending on how much training you want to do it can cost little or lots

    Obedience classes are very important, especially for little dogs which often end up as unsocilaized brats.

  7. Claudia says:

    I’ve heard that in petsmart it usually costs about a $100.00. Don’t listen to funkybrat she doesnt know. if you go to special training it will probably cost more.

  8. FunkyBrat says: