How to get my dog to stop whining and squeaking while in the cage?

I have a puppy. He is almost one. He still cries, whines, and squeaks while in the cage. I put him in the cage when he is bad or its bed time. He does not sleep in the same room of me because of the noise. How do i get him to stop?

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11 Responses to “How to get my dog to stop whining and squeaking while in the cage?”

  1. Kierra S says:

    Well what we did, was we put a sheet over his cage. it worked perfectly. and lightly hit the top when barked, This let him know it was his bed time.

  2. Jaqlynn says:

    Take him out of the cage…………
    How would you feel if someone stuffed you in a crate?

    Plus, you can’t use the cage for both things..
    It’s either when he’s in trouble, or when it’s bedtime.
    You’re gonna confuse him by doing that.. He’s gonna think he’s in trouble every time..

  3. Myra says:

    Get rid of the cage and start treating him like a member of your family. He is almost one, well all I can say is you need to find out how to take care and train a dog.
    Mr. Hyde, there are still a few of us in the States that treat our dogs well with out using a cage, just so you know.

  4. caninekiss says:

    crates arnt for punishment so stop using it wrong and at night use an empty pop can with pennys and throw it at the crate when he whines

  5. coolalot says:

    Puppies always do. Make sure you give him potty breaks and if he still squeaks, ignore him, that’s how they learn.
    Ignore him and he’ll learn. It’s just part of being a puppy-parent. 🙂

  6. ladystang says:

    training and exercise

  7. Kooky Leftist says:

    give him a stuffed animal to sleep with

  8. Schatten says:

    He should stop over time as long as you are properly ignoring him. When he is whining and squeaking don’t respond to him in any way, or else he will see it as working to get your attention.

  9. muffinmcpuffin says:

    ok, so you use it as a punishment, AND for bed time, so when you put him in bed, he thinks he’s being punished, thats the first thing,
    hes 1 so he’s not really a puppy now, Don’t use it as a punishment if you want him to sleep there

  10. herpderp says:

    give him mental stimulation, he’s not a stuffed animal.

  11. Mr Hyde says:

    Keeping him in a cage is cruel and if you do that you should not have a dog . I don’t care what you yanks think of me but in England we treat our dogs with love and not like a wild animal .