How to set up a rabbit cage (crate)

How to set up a rabbit cage. My rabbit lives in a crate. A few options: dog crate, build your own, or xpen. I do not recommend rabbit cages they sell at pet stores: they are TOO small. First link: information about how to house your rabbit Second link: building your own: its actually the cheapest and best! You can custom make them to fit your home. Third link: the xpen, another great alternative Look at

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3 Responses to “How to set up a rabbit cage (crate)”

  1. AwayLemonade says:

    @SoinHisLove1 That’s so great that you have those veterinarian’s and rescues! P.S- they aren’t gerbils but thank you hehe.

  2. SoinHisLove1 says:

    Thank you :). I was just blessed with a wonderful rabbit veterinarian and wonderful rabbit rescue groups with their research and dedication to educate the public about proper rabbit care. Without these I would know nothing lol.
    P.S. love your gerbils 🙂

  3. AwayLemonade says:

    Great information! I’m sure rabbit owners will find this helpful 🙂 good job!