how to stop my dog from becoming aggressive when given treats?

I recently gave my dog a piece of moose bone, she went nuts for it of course.
but when she started growling and barking at us, she had to be punished.
so i grabbed my leather gloves and took the bone from her, she bit me a few times really hard, and threw her into her cage.
I’ve done this type of punishment many times and after a few times we can freely touch the treat without her turning aggressive.
But this time, it was really bad.
How can I make her stop getting so aggressive?

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9 Responses to “how to stop my dog from becoming aggressive when given treats?”

  1. Donna Reed says:

    What Dedawg said…Excellent advice!!!

  2. Basil and Wallace says:

    no more treats, mine would be lucky if they even got fed that night, and i would ignore the dog for the next day at least, it would’t even get eye contact, just pushed away out my space.

    You dont need to wear gloves or throw it in a cage, still respect it, but treat it like a dog.

  3. L says:

    Don’t give her hand treats, bones, anything she thinks is her given right. Crating after the fact means nothing to them. Make her wait for her food. It sounds like a dominance issue that is way out of control. I would try The Dog Whisperers books, Ceaser Malon or however it is spelled, I don’t use them so I don’t know the names of them. If not a professional may help. Sounds like someone is going to get really hurt. Good luck.

  4. DeeDawg says:

    this dog can NEVER have another valuable item until she learns that YOU own them.

    start reading and practicing NILIF immediately.

    a dog who resource guards obviously does not know who the resources belong to.

    take away this dog’s food bowl. take away the toys, bones, rawhide, etc.

    now- EVERY MORSEL this dog gets, she needs to eat from your hand. if she gets fresh, dinner time is over. she needs to perform commands in order to get the food, even if they are as simple as "sit" or "down".

    the crate should never be a place to punish the dog. buy a "dominant dog" collar. have the dog wear it in the house, especially around times when there is high value items around. if she even so much as looks at you wrong, smoothly raise the leash straight up ( it’s not a choke or prong, so don’t jerk it!) pick her up off her feet. release tension when she is acting appropriately.

    as time goes, you can hand feed chicken necks and things like that to her.
    when you have decided that it is ok to let her have a bone, put her in her crate, give her the bone, and lock her in until she is done with it.

  5. UV2 says:

    Big dog I take it.
    Make her sit and wait. If she growls put it away and smack her on the nose.
    If she doesn’t growl give it to her and praise her.
    Hitting a dog on the nose works very effectively.
    Just make her do what you want then she gets treat.
    You need to show her your the boss! Don’t be scared of her, because if she hurts someone badly (as in rushed to hospital) she will be put down.
    Your in charge not the dog!

  6. Mick says:

    You need to play the all food is from me (touch all of the food with your hands((your sent)) and mine now i’m sharing with you game! Check out The dog whisperer!

  7. Windtender says:

    Aggression begets aggression. Do not give her any more of the forbidden fruit and stick with treats that she does not go nuts over.

  8. Arjun says:

    give her poison with the bone… this will make the dog calm forever…

  9. cjrossi says:

    DeeDawg is right.

    This dog needs some serious NILIF. A dog that bites humans must be re-programmed or put down.

    The end result of this training must be that your dog will let you take anything right out of its mouth without a peep of protest.

    I agree – wall-to-wall unrelenting NILIF is a great way to get a dog’s head back on straight. And the thing is – alotta dogs LIKE NILIF. They like the order it brings on an instinctual level.