how to stop my dog from peeing inside – over night?

I take him out 3 tmes a day and just him 2 times a day
he never pees when I’m around…only pees over night when I’m sleeping I do not want to crate or fence him in the kitchen at night I want him to be around me.

is there anything I can try to do before bed to avoid this? =/
( I place 1 pee mat inside laundry room just in case but he doesn’t go in there while I’m sleeping he just go on the carpet somewhere in the living room)
I used to leave the water out all day…but now I only leave it during the 8 hours while I’m away … and not over night

I walk him at 7:30am, 4pm and before I sleep
ok the 8 hour water restriction didn’t work out….he was begging for water after dinner around 9pm-ish so I gave him water (I walked him 4 times yesterday and gave him treats when he pee’d outside) and he did pee in the pee mat in the restroom over night(didn’t see else where on carpet…hopefully he’s learned)

another question….he’s 6 yrs old…should I take away all pee mats in the room?
I take him out 7:30am, 4:30pm, 8~9pm and before bed 11:30~12am

he does sleep with me, but wonders off during the night (the leash on my wrist while sleeping sounds like a lot of hassle =/ )

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3 Responses to “how to stop my dog from peeing inside – over night?”

  1. sw103178 says:

    You only leave water down 8 out of 24 hours? You cannot restrict water that much. Crate him. It would only be for a brief amount of time until he is trained. If he is still a puppy you may have no choice but to get up and take him out. Or you can try keeping a leash on him and wrap it around your wrist, That way when he gets up at night it will wake you and you can take him out.

  2. troublebug88 says:

    try taking him out between 4 and bedtime, or try having him sleep with u

  3. ♥Love Herds♥ says:

    Have you yelled at him, or scolded him for peeing inside? If so, he might be afraid to go in front of you, thinking that the act of peeing is a bad thing. Make sure when he does potty outside on the walks that you throw him a huge potty party. Treats, praise, and dancing around like a fool. He needs to learn that going in front of you is a GOOD thing.

    If he’s weeing in the living room, block that area off when you go to sleep. Also, make sure you’re using an enzyme cleaner to eliminate all the smells so your pup doesn’t think that’s his permanent bathroom.