I am dog sitting for a few days, she is in heat (surprise), I have two males. Losing my mind?

I dog sitted for her before and they all got along well. This time he called and asked if I could take care of her GSD again over the new years holiday, which was fine. When I picked her up she said that she thinks her dog is just getting of her cycle.. Ugh. She is planning on getting her fixed (I think), but that isn’t MY issue. My issue is that I have two unaltered (because I work one and show both) males that are losing their minds; which is making me lose mine.

I am, of course, keeping them separated. Right now she is in her kennel and my boys are out. It’s their dinner time. I have also put up a baby gate play pen wall to extend the distance (probably isn’t doing anything). I don’t know at what point she is in her cycle, but what can I do to ease the "pain" for my boys? Is there some kind of spray that covers "menstrual" smell? If not, someone should invent it. If I had a fenced in yard, my problems would be eased, but I don’t.

Thanks for any tips you may have..
Thanks for clearing up the whole menstrual cycle thing. I’m Not a breeder, nor do I want to be. But that is good to know. If she had of told me when she asked, I would have helped her find an alternative, but since I told her I would, I had to follow through. I can’t find a sitter for my boys just because I am taking care of another dog for a couple Of days. Thanks for all of your answers so far

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8 Responses to “I am dog sitting for a few days, she is in heat (surprise), I have two males. Losing my mind?”

  1. Divapom says:

    First thing is that at the moment the owner told you that she was in heat, that changed the whole deal. You did NOT agree to watch an in-heat female. As a responsible owner I would NEVER expect someone else to deal with the hassles of my female if she was in heat. You should have told him nicely, "I have two intact male dogs and don’t have the correct facilities to care for your dog if she is in heat". Then he would have made other arrangements. You now have two choices. Call him up and tell him the situation is not working out and to please make other arrangements immediately, or you and your dog suffer thru it.

    There is nothing to mask the smell. Dogs smell differently than we do. Their odor receptors separate the different smells. So putting vicks on their nose will not hide the "in heat" smell, they will just smell vicks AND the in-heat smells.

    You will need to be extremely careful. A baby gate is false security. Any determined dog can get thru one. Also, when the B!tch is ready she will be just as determined to get to the boys as they are to get to her. Also, even after she is gone, her lingering odor will continue to be attractive to your boys.

    How sweet of you to deal with all these hassles while your friend is quietly enjoying himself on his lovely holiday. I can just see him laying back sipping his champagne while you are pulling your hair out and your boys are scratching holes in your doors and howling their desperate love songs. What a thoughtful friend you have.

    Can I have your number so I can send my girls over to your house so I don’t have to deal with their heats. LOL.

    At the least, I hope you learned from this experience. If so, your pain is not a complete loss.

  2. Lizzie says:

    Dogs don’t have menstrual cycles,they have estrus cycles (there is a BIG difference) and NO, there is NOTHING that really works to mask the scent of a female in season.

    Way back before spaying became the thing to do (I know, not your problem; the owner’s problem), a great many sprays and other silly "no mate" products were on the market, with the chief ingredient being chlorophyll, which really didn’t work at all. Doggie Bloomers were another item sold to desperate pet owners; little panties with a tail hole for female dogs to wear that supposedly prevented mating. However, a determined male would not be put off by Doggie Bloomers, as so many pet owners soon discovered. Maybe modern science can come up with a better product line.

    Isn’t there someone you could leave your dogs with? You should have turned this job down just as soon as the owner uttered these words about her dog "…I *think* she is just getting off her cycle." Otherwise, you will just have to continue on, as carefully as you possibly can.

  3. JenVT says:

    try putting vicks vapor rub or peppermint oil on their noses- I do it at conformation shows for my boy and it works well- not sure how it would work in such close quarters, but it might help some temporarily.

  4. Brieanna Martin says:

    I wouldnt suggest keeping these males near the girl. She needs quiet and peace, she pregnant, she wants to relax, these males will do her no good.

  5. Almost Bulletproof Heart says:

    There’s not really anything you can do other than stick it out and maybe take a few excedrine.

  6. Julissa says:

    Why would you volunteer to watch a dog that is in heat when you have two intact males? Also, dogs do not menstruate.

  7. PomsNZ says:

    OMG i so feel your pain!

    drives me BARMY when i have a female in season, regardless of if I am intending to breed her that season or not.

    Every time it happens, i say thats it, im sending the girls down south for a few weeks, and every time i dont.. lol.

    I have crates, cages, but my alpha male has now worked out how to get INTO the puppy pen (he grbs hold of the latch and shakes his head to open it, then squeezes himself in) so now its bungee cords holding them closed too…

    I have a jumper, he will try to climb on anything and leap in.

    must say, when they are ripe, its constant constant on the go for boys.

    B1tiches britches dont work, vaseline doesnt work, NOTHING!

    jsut keep them apart.

    the ONLY thing i found that does help, is to keep your alpha male near the female. Like she is all crated/caged up, he is loose by her, the other males are away, and if they dare try, the alpha dog wil put them in thier place. The male is ok as long as he is right next to the female…he wont whine/carry on.

    But omg, its not something i look forward too.