I am wondering if people would consider my brother abusive or not?

I have no doubt my brother is an obnoxious jerk, but I am wondering if many would consider the actions of my brother to be abusive or normal sibling fighting. This is everyday life with him.

1. He got a new dog. He does not pay the dog much attention, less than 10 minutes in a whole day including feeding. When the dog gets loose in the house and bites my mother and I he says stuff like don’t touch my F*cking dog. We don’t do anything but tell the dog to go away.

2.The other night I came home from my graduation ceremony and sit down with my mom to watch a movie. My brother asks me to get him a towel from upstairs for his dog’s kennel. I ignore him, as I am sitting down already, it is not my dog, and what the hell? It was supposed to be my special night. If you are not going to be nice then at least don’t ask me to do your chores right? He tells me F*ck You and leaves the door to the back yard wide open. He doesn’t change the dogs towel in the cage.

3. The other night I got a snack from the kitchen, i left the light on. Several minutes later he bust into my room asking me why I left the lights on. I ignored him, I am a female, and i was half naked. Several minutes later he got tired and left. Before and after he consistently leaves the lights in the house on.

I am not like this at all but should I do these crappy things back to him? he is incredibly disrespectful, and my parents do not discipline him at all.

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7 Responses to “I am wondering if people would consider my brother abusive or not?”

  1. Esteban P says:

    wow!!….I am appalled all all this happening to you …and well..I put blame on your parents 100%,
    for it clearly seems they never bother to teach him some manners and now for his age ..it is late already to instill any sense of well being and education. I say that since you have taken all these
    yrs sh@##t from him now you have the right to put a stop to it…have a sit down with him and tell him
    that from now on you are going to ignore him and will not lift a finger for him, tell him that you are not his maid , and too bad parents did not raise him with some manners ..but you are not willing to take his
    sh@#%t any more!!…for if you don’t say anything at all NOW!!!…later on it will be too late!!!. good luck

  2. am2k says:

    i think he is not happy with his life or going throught hard time at school and he takes all that out at home, support him, come close to him and shair his problems i think he can’t handle them right now.

  3. young mom says:

    abusive, no. a little creep, yes! doing things to get back at him will just make it worse. ignore it as much as you can, if your parents wont do anything than it won’t make a difference t him. but then again it is all you can really do without making things worse, unless you talk to your parents about it. we all know how hard that can be!

  4. Carmen says:

    thats a little excessive
    you should get him counceling

  5. Fakename says:

    He’s obviously going through a tough time and you should be there to support him instead of bitching him out like this.

  6. George W. Bush says:

    It sounds to me like you need to convince your mom to kick his ass out.

  7. Alexandrea says:

    From what you have explained, I would not consider it abuse, but I would consider it undisciplined. Your parents should be left to consider whether or not they should allow the dog to stay, if it bites people and your brother does not care for it properly. How old is he? He sounds as though he needs to have some reigns tightened. I would point out the obvious to him though, that he should not yell at others about doing what he does himself. If he asks you to help him with your dog, tell him, "You yell at us for your dog biting us, and you want us to help you? No, you need to handle your dog yourself."