I don't think this is cruel–do you?

I keep my 8month old Lhasapoo puppy outside because he’s not pottytrained and he’s always getting into stuff. Now, i’ve been called a bad doggy owner and irrisponsible a lot lately, so i thought for all you lovely name-callers out there; I’d let you in on a little MORE of the situation..
He come inside probably 2-3 times a day , depending on the day , probably about a 2 hour stay indoors each time. all the time he’s inside he wants to be outside. when i offer him to go outside he always accepts gladly. he’s warm out there, all the time, because his crate is well insolated. he gets lots of excersize tearing around w/ toys in the backyard. people say i should pottytrain him. i say what’s the use? so he’ll be able to be inside all the time. yay. he’ll be inside- where he doesn’t like to be. in a crate all day, 10 minutes of attention every 5 hours of loneliness. woop. no toys. no humans. stuck in a stuffy lil box all day, nothin to do. whining to get out. AS OPPOSED TO: all day outside with the option of being inside the crate or out. probably 4-6 hours of attention a day. water and food almost all the time(except some days when I don’t know he’s outand i forgot to check). lots of space to run around. leaves to chase, toys to play with, and lots and lots of fun…i don’t know about you but I don’t think the outdoor life is such a bad idea.

diseases; If he’s on his flea & tick prevention medicine, and up-to-date on shots, I don’t see the problem.
coldness; If his house is well insolated, and he’s blocked from the wind with the bick blue plastic cover that covers his dog house, I don’t see the problem.
lonliness; If he gets 4-6-8 hours of attention a day, i don’t see the problem…
what other reasons that i shouldn’t have him outside u gonna throw at me, now?

BTW — i’m planning on pottytraining him this month, but things keep comin up. i just thought i would post – guess i got a lil sick of all the rude, mean comments whenever I posted that I kept my dog outside. xx niki

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5 Responses to “I don't think this is cruel–do you?”

  1. Gayle Mcmahan says:

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  2. JStrat says:

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with having an outdoor dog. Anyone who tells you otherwise doesn’t know much about dogs.

    We had a Husky and a Shetland Sheepdog that were both outdoor dogs in the Connecticut winter. Of course, those dogs are built for cold, especially the Husky — though Shelties are Scottish herders, so they’re plenty accustomed to cold weather. But we had custom-made, fully insulated doghouses with beds inside for them, a large, fenced yard, and plenty of toys. They were taken on runs, allowed indoors to play, and received plenty of love.

    Don’t listen to the idiots out there who never had an outdoor dog. If the dog is warm, loved, and happy, then it’s fine.

  3. Blaise Rascal says:

    You know there is a Pets category, right?

    Unless your dog is divine, you should move along to a different section.

  4. Glycol says:

    That wall of text was very cruel.

  5. Joel Butler says:

    Obviously you must be an out side person, and that is where you are most of the time.
    And why your dog gets 4 to 8 hrs. attention outside and only 10 minutes every 5 hrs. inside. That’s great! Glad you are out with him that much.
    YUH, RIGHT!!!!
    Potty train him and show him some attention. The only reason he wants out is because that’s where his food and water is, [when you remember to check] and his toys and obviously all he knows is being out….If I were your pet I would probably want to be out too….