I want my baby back!!!!?

in may my family always gets about thirty cornish rocks cjickens. when they are old enough, sometime in June, we take them to the amish and they butcher them for us and we eat them. This year we accidentally got 60 instead of 30, and with it came a baby turkey. I thought she looked like a baby duck, so i called her duck.
I never in my life have gotten attached to one of the cornish cross chickens. They are nothing but fat stupid balls of fat and feathers that always get covered in their own ****. But duck was a different story. She was smarter and had personality. My dad likes to give our chickens a balanced diet, so he started clipping grass and dandelions and putting them in a bowl. Not one bird ate them except Duck.She would race towards me whenever i would come in. She would scratch around in the bowl until she found something edible, which she would then eat.
SHe would hardly eat the regular feed for the chicks, and when she did, they would push her out of the way. I felt bad so i began feeding her seperately. When she was old enough i would take her outside and she would eat bugs and stuff. Soon the chickens were gone and duck was alone. My family went to califorrnia for one week and we had our neighbors/ friends take her. When we got back we brought not only her home but also a rooster named big guy. Our neighbors had three roosters who had begun to fight. We took up the offer because we feared duck was lonely. THey became fast friends and they were close all of the time we had them. Duck would stop wandering endlessly around the house and call for other turkeys.
Over the course of the few months that we had her, i never had thought i could become so attached to a turkey, but i did.
Vistiors to our house said that big guuy was pretty, and they said that duck had a face only a mother could love. But i WAS her mother, and I loved her. My parents and brother thought that the pair was obnoxious. They pooped on the porch and i had to clean it up, but sometimes my brother had to. Then he would get mad and want to get rid of her.
Big guy would endlessly crow all of the time. It made my mom angry because she likes to sleep in the afternoon and he denied her of that privelage. Duck ended up eating my moms cherry tomatoes. WHen my brother told her, she said that she wanted to shoot her right then and there.
IN the end i and my mother objected to eating her, because we had both ended up becoming rather fond of her. My dad and brother faught against it, but we wouldnt give up.
Today we gave her and Big Guy away to the same people that took them in on our vacations. When i had to get duck into the dog kennel to take her over in the back of my dads pick up truck, i started crying. Even though i shouldnt have, i went along with them. As they out the birds into the pen i started to sob. I was very embarrased but i couldnt stop it. WHen we got home i kept crying for over an hour. My eyes were swelled shut and i just couldnt stop. I felt like such a baby because i am thirteen and i feel like that shouldnt have happened and i shouldnt have reacted that way . Ive had so many happy memories with her that i cant help but feel so sad. I love her and i already miss her sooo much will someone please help.SHes gonna be gone forever by thanksgiving and id do anythin to get her back but my parents said no. I live in Wisconsin and the winters are so cold and they dont know how to take care of birds in the winter…. i would do anything to get my baby back… please help me…

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2 Responses to “I want my baby back!!!!?”

  1. Peggancie says:

    Bless you! I dont know how that must feel having a pet taken away from you!!

    Have you shown you parents what you have wrote here? Maybe you could write your parents a letter because sometimes it is hard to talk about things because people interrupt and get angry with things they dont want to talk about but with a letter maybe they will realise how much you love this little turkey.

    If you want her back you have to be commited! You should say to you parents that you will take full resposability for her and clean the porch is she does poo on it and clean up after her. She will need shelter in the winter – do you have a garage or a barn she could have part of? Is you room big enough she could sleep in there with you??

    If you show your parents in a mature manner that you love this turkey and you want to take care of him then this is all you can do. Tell them you think it will be good for you to have the responsibility to look after and care for her. It will help you grow up being caring and being to be in charge of things.

    I hope she comes back to you!!! Pets are a good thing to have!! Their good for the soul!

  2. wacky says:

    And the Point of this Sad story Is.????