I'm moving house and I'm wondering will I need to housetrain my dog again?

I’m moving into an apartment. My dog is small so I don’t think it will really be an issue about the size of the place. Also she is an inside dog and is house trained to go outside. I currently am living in a house with a backyard and I’m wondering if I will need to house train her again. I don’t know how the best way to go around house training a dog in an apartment is. Any suggestions?

The place has carpet so I really want to make sure she does it somewhere where the carpet won’t get ruined. I have a balcony and I was thinking of putting her out there to do her business.

I don’t use the crate method because I don’t have a crate so please don’t say that because I think it’s cruel making a dog hold on in a small box.
In Australia winter isn’t a problem. It doesn’t snow or get that cold where I live.
I’m in Melbourne

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6 Responses to “I'm moving house and I'm wondering will I need to housetrain my dog again?”

  1. Robin says:

    When I got my dog we lived in a trailer then went to an upstairs apartment with a balcony. I trained the dog to go out side. When we got to the apartment he told me everytime he had to go. I wouldn’t let him go on the balcony but I would tie him on the balcony. Right in the middle so he could play. I didn’t have a gate for the stairs. He would just sit out there in the winter he would run and slide on the snow lol. He stayed in the house or apartment while I was at work which was 12 hours a day. He is now 14 years old and still does not go in the house we try not to leave him that long any more but he sleeps most of the day now. But explain to your dog what is going on we’re going to move to an apartment I’m sorry you won’t have a yard any more but you will have a balcony. Explain like you would to a child. When you get there take him where he is suppose to go to the potty. Give him a tour of the place talk to him tell him your everythought on the situation and how you feel how you worry about him adjusting. Believe it or not he will get the jist of the conversation.

  2. ramcharger says:

    no but introduce dog to one room at a time,don’t see the house trained unless you’re talking about while you’re at work ,if you work. if so the patio might work better,how ’bout winter ?

  3. vats 1993 says:

    u may need to house train your dog
    the best way is to look your dog at new place
    and think

  4. Susan B says:

    Why in the world would you want her to got potty on a balcony. Sounds like a lazy and nasty thing to do. If the dog is truly house trained you should not have to train her again. But you will have to get off the couch, put the dog on a leash and take her outside to potty, and several times a day would be appreciated by her.

  5. AUSSIEMOM says:

    your "housetrained dog" will need to be taken OUTSIDE on a leash everytime it needs to potty..

    DO NOT make it potty inside your house or on a balcony…. yuck

  6. Beebs says:

    Ah great! An Aussie! There is a brilliant product called a Pet Loo which I think you should really look into! I used to live in an apartment in Sydney before I moved interstate and only had a large balcony for my dogs. The Pet Loo is a brilliant product – it’s essentially a large black plastic box with a drain covered completely by astroturf. The dog does its business on the fake grass on the balcony and you pick up the stools and empty the drawer of urine. It’s easily cleaned once weekly by pouring hot water over the turf – that simple! It’s impossible for you to take your dog outside to do her business every single times she needs it – especially if you work, so the Pet Loo is a fantastic solution! You may need to aid her in learning to do her business on it, but that can easily be done by just taking her to it every time she wakes up, eats or drinks… And also every hour or 2. If she is already house trained then she should pick it up very easily. If we lived near by I would just give you my Pet Loo as I no longer need it as I have a large back yard. Where are you located?