im taking my dog on a trip to the beach, any advice?

we are taking our shih tzu to the beach with us. it is about a 8-10 hour trip.
i need help, my dog is used to cars cus we take him almost everywhere n let him stick his head out the window.
but this time he wont be able to that often and we dont own a pet carrier.
any advice and tips? thank you very much!
oh and we are also staying there for about a week.

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5 Responses to “im taking my dog on a trip to the beach, any advice?”

  1. cr@zi fr3e spir!t says:

    ummmmm………well u mite need to keep somethin to keep it busy like :
    chew toy
    retractable lease
    uumm……probly like a basket or somethin to subsituite a pet carrier
    and try to sit by some sort of post in case u wanna go swimmin

  2. Rayven~Summer Troll Patrol says:

    Get a travel crate. You will also need to check and see if you can take your dog down to the beach with you. Many beaches do not allow dogs at all and some not during the summer season.

  3. LD says:

    Probably bring a chew toy and a blanket for the backseat, then a leash for the beach.

  4. ivy r schnauzer rule!!! says:

    just give water

  5. Christine says:

    I just asked this quesiton last night.

    When we went to NY we let my sister bring her chinese crested with her. It was a 12 hour drive but she did fine. We drive at night so our kids can sleep and the dog slept the whole time too.

    Good luck