Is a crate too small for a dog to roam not a good crate?

I bought a crate and my dog fits in there, but he has no room to roam anymore. Is that bad? How it will affect him? Also, is it fine to leave your dog in a crate the whole day but still make sure he gets daily walks and exercise? He is a 6-month old Mini Schnauzer.
He is crate trained and sleeps with me during the night.

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5 Responses to “Is a crate too small for a dog to roam not a good crate?”

  1. tnr says:

    Crate should be big enough for the dog to stand up, lie down comfortably, and turn in a circle. Bigger than that and he may use a corner of the crate to potty in.

    It’s not excellent to leave your dog in a crate all day. A few hours is fine, depending on the dog’s age and personality. But the majority of his awake time should not be spent in the crate.

    If you have the means, consider hiring a dog walker, daycare, playgroup, etc. This will ensure that he gets out of the crate during the day to relieve himself. If you can use one of these services, it would be fine to leave him in the crate while you’re away at work or whatever.

    If he is well potty trained and not destructive, maybe consider letting him roam the house, or a portion of the house while you are out.

  2. Country Girl says:

    I agree with Jesse Lopshire, it has to be big enough for him to stand up and turn around, but not to big b/c they may go to the bathroom in it. Being in the box all day isn’t very good for him.

  3. google that shiz says:

    Ifyou HAVE to leave the dog enclosed during he day I would buy a play pen OR a baby gate if you have a room that you could dedicate to the dog… my dog is closed off from upstairs ALL the time with babygates BUT she has a doggy door to go do her buisness … I think that’s the best option & it keeps my dog safe. Unless you are willing to install a doggy door and train the dog I would suggest you buy a potty patch or litterbox train the dog.

  4. Jesse Lopshire says:

    As long as the dog can fully stand up and turn around in it, the crate is fine. You don’t want the crate too big either.

    No, it is not good to leave him in a crate all day no matter what the breed. It can cause behavioral issues. There is no reason to own a dog if he must be in a crate all day.

  5. munchkin says:

    the crate sounds appropriate … many people buy a huge crate thinking the dog will be more comfortable but the point of crate training is to reinforce housebreaking and teaching your dog there is a time to lay down and be calm and that is when you say … a 6 month old puppy should really only be crated for 6 hours maximum … any chance you could have someone come in and let the pup out mid-day ??? and good for you for not crating the dog overnight …