Is it animal abuse and should I do something?

My Neighbor has this dog, a German Shepard that is about a year old. They keep it cooped up on their fenced in porch all day. And If they do let it out, its only for a while before they get annoyed with it and lock it back up. They do love their dog but there is garbage around the porch and its covered in feces. They feed it dog food if they can afford it but mostly they feed it left overs from old pots and pans. It doesn’t have a bed on the porch either, or a kennel.

The dog isn’t trained either, because it doesn’t come when its called and it jumps up on people and their four year old son, who i fear for because its a big dog! They never walk the dog either, they don’t even own a leash. I know German Shepard are dogs that need big spaces to run and need to be walked daily. I would offer to walk it but Im afraid it might try and bite me.

What I wanna know, is it animal abuse and should I report them? I’d feel really bad because I know most dogs get put down and I don’t want that.
Thanks to everyone! Im gonna think it over. Its either tell the authorities and maybe they can give the owners a wake-up call or I can tell them myself.
Unfortunaly, I live in an apartment with 5 cats and my mother and father. We don’t have room for a big dog. I would take him if I could. Heck, I would save any animal from a bad situation if I could. But I don’t have millions of dollars.
There is alot of poop on the porch BUT they do clean up after him every two weeks or so. And He’s not underweight. He’s actually pretty fat. Maybe because he’s being fed fried chicken leftover and halfs of mc donalds hamburgers.

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12 Responses to “Is it animal abuse and should I do something?”

  1. TuRboDog says:

    Does the dog have a wonderful life? NO
    Is this illegal? not really

    its sad that he isn’t being treated better, but as long as he has food water shelter and isn’t being beaten, then its isn’t technically abuse. You may want to try to talk them into finding a better home for him. They wanted a cute puppy and ended up with a big dog that they werent prepared to take care of. It`s possible that they will agree to let someone (maybe you?) adopt him so that he can be better appreciated somewhere else.

  2. says:

    Unfortunately, the laws concerning dog abuse aren’t as severe as they should be. And technically there isn’t any real "physical abuse" or evidence to show for.. so the dog will probably just end of staying there and you’d piss off the owners. Lame situation, I totally understand (my neighbor treats her dog like crap and I always get in shouting fights with her). But it’s amazing that you actually took the time to think about the poor dog because a lot of people dont care about things that dont concern them.

    Final word, you can call the local humane society (look them up online) and just give them a heads up about it. Also, whenever you see the owners, try saying things like "Your dog is SO awesome or I wish I had a dog like THAT" Hopefully it’ll make them appreciate their dog a little more and guilt them into taking better care of it. Goodluck and keep fighting!

  3. Robert says:

    Yes, call the local animal control office and ask them to investigate. The feces alone, will get them in trouble. It is not a kindness to the dog to let this continue. Now, having said all this, the investigators will NOT tell them who turned them in and as others have said, they may or may not act. But if the dog is taken in, you can help by contacting the ASPCA and/or finding a Rescue group. I very sure that their is one for German Shepard’s! My hope is that the officers will put a scare into them and they will ‘clean up their act!’

  4. Tiny paws says:

    I have reported this type of cases. If the space is not big enough and there a feces and he is underweight then they will first get a warning. If the problem persists, then call and they will go again and fine them. and so on. It doesn’t hurt to give it a try, please do it…a fine will teach them a lesson.

    Neighbors won’t listen to you, let authorities scare them

  5. NCSU Happy Dog says:

    Is there any shelter on this porch? A dog house or 3-way shelter? Otherwise they are providing, technically, food and water. Being covered in feces, or walking in feces is a health hazard, so this could be neglect legally. Any untreated injury or ailment is also illegal. If none of these apply, you will have to accept that you can’t do anything about it and live your life and take care of your critters to the best of your ability. Be the change you want to see in the world. You can only control your own choices, not your neighbors.

  6. Coroline says:

    If you want to send a annonomus report about it for the police to check it out. From what you said, that is not a good envirnonment for any dog, especialy a big one like that. And dont be sfraid to call if its that bad, maybe it will get a nice loving family and lots of room to run. Good luck and think about it. 🙂

  7. BlueAx says:

    This isn’t animal abuse.This isn’t your problem.So just let them do what they want with the dog as long as it’s not hurt.

  8. Charity says:

    I think you should call someone about it that is not good for the dog or the family

  9. kman says:

    report it to the nearest humane society

  10. kim w says:

    As long as the dog is given food, water and shelter, it probably isn’t legally abuse, but I think it is definately morally abuse. No dog should be forced to live the way you describe. I think I would call the local authorities and report the facts and just see what happens. Maybe it will give a wake up call to the dogs owners.

  11. Becky N says:

    You can try to report it, but there isn’t a lot of evidence to support the fact that he is being neglected. You can try to tell authorities that they are neglectful of their dog, but they probably won’t take any action besides giving them a warning. But you may as well try if you are feeling uneasy about it.

  12. cav mom says:

    This is not only bad for the dog in so many ways it is also a health hazard for the family from your description of the porch area. It could draw in mice,rats and roaches. I defiantly would call it in to animal control and even the health dept. If you choose to talk to them your self point out the health hazards also.