Is it bad to give my dog a bath once a week?

I have an 8 month-old Black Lab/German Shepard puppy. She is not fully housebroken yet, so when I am at work, I keep her in a crate. I only work part time-usually 5 hours a day, and I live 3 minutes away from my job, so when I work a longer day, I come home on my break to take her out. I take her out right before I leave and as soon as I get home, but sometimes she still has accidents in the crate. At least once a week, she pees in the crate before I get home and ends up all wet from it. I know that most vets recommend giving dogs a bath once a month, but I can’t stand for her to have to be covered in her own pee, so when she has an accident like this, I give her a bath. I just want to know if it’s ok to bathe her that often. Her skin isn’t dry or anything.

I realize that some people are very against crating dogs. That IS NOT what my question is about. I cannot leave her alone in the house. Not only would she have accidents all over the house, she’s still young and gets into EVERYTHING (before I got her crate, she chewed through several cords-thank God they weren’t plugged in-and chewed up a digital thermometer) and it’s not SAFE to leave her out in the house alone. I respect your opinions on crating, but only want your opinions on giving her a bath every week. Thank you.

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11 Responses to “Is it bad to give my dog a bath once a week?”

  1. Meagan says:

    I have a Samoyed puppy, all white and fluffy, she is a big dog and gets dirty easily. I would love to have her groomed every week but was told by my groomer that it is bad for her skin and will dry it out. I was told to only bath once a month. If she gets in something really bad I will do it more often but I make sure that they condition her very well and it still make her skin a little dry. I hope this helps.

  2. Amanda says:

    They may recommend once a month, but if your pup is soaked in pee, I would bathe them as often as it happens too!

    What dries out the skin is the soap, so you’ll at least avoid that. One thing you can do it get a soap free shampoo (this is also good if you use a topical flea/tick preventative as the shampoo will not wash it off). Then again, if your pup’s skin doesn’t seem to be drying out, and she’s not scratching nonstop, then there really doesn’t seem to be a problem and I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

  3. Helen Rempel says:

    Bathing shouldn’t be more frequent than once a month; however, in your situation you don’t have much choice. What you can do is dilute the shampoo down so that it is less likely to dry the coat and skin. Dilute is as much as you can and still have it get her clean.

  4. ♥ᶫᵒᵛᵉᵧₒᵤ♥ says:

    your doing the right thing, washing her a little to often is a lot better than leaving her soaked in pee.

    but it seems like your gone too long, no puppy can hold their bladder for that long, see if you can take her out more often, or get someone else to while your out.

  5. mandeep says:

    do it once a week

  6. Sgt. Angua says:

    It does NOT :’have accidents"!
    It’s not CRATE-TRAINED (your fault)or has a MEDICAL PROBLEM!!! Find out which.

    All my pups were crate-broke in TWO NIGHTS!!!

  7. stephanie says:

    The main problem with bathing a puppy too often is that his skin will likely get dry, flaky and itchy. This makes him scratch and if it gets bad he can end up with skin problems, infections and so on.

    It will also strip the oils from his coat and it will lose a lot of it’s shiny-ness

    When you do give him a bath, be sure to use only the gentlest puppy shampoo, not one with chemicals such as flea shampoos. Oatmeal shampoos and hypoallergenic ones are also good

  8. Moose S says:

    that bad!maybe very bad.give him a bath once a month.i give my dogs a bath once a month,and it’s vet told me careful,and stop washing him so much.:)

  9. Care Lundgren says:

    no it is not bad. it is good.

  10. Brendan De bruyn says:

    From what Ive heard it is bad for your dogs skin.But if you do it about once a month it will be all right.