Is it considered animal cruelty if I keep my dog in a cage as long as I let him out to get some excercise?

I let my dog Charlie out during the day and at night I shut him up in a cage I always make sure that he has plenty of food and water and i clean his cage every day. I also havr a chiuaha puppie and I do her the same way is that considered as cruel

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    7 Responses to “Is it considered animal cruelty if I keep my dog in a cage as long as I let him out to get some excercise?”

    1. Niki Foxx says:

      no its not but i don’t have a dog and wish i did why a cage? let it free!!!!

    2. DogLuver says:

      Well not really….but you should really get some dog beds! I have two dogs and they both love their beds!!! If you are really cheap enough to not buy beds, then at least put pillows in the crates!!!

    3. Gracie says:

      not really. But the way you say ‘shut him up in a cage at night’ and ‘clean him out’ makes it sound like you’re looking after a guinea pig and aren’t responsible enough to really have a doggy. It’s probably okay for the puppy, but not for the dog. you have to get them beds by the time they’re a year old, you can’t keep them in a cage for long. nb: most people call this crate training, but you call it in a cage? That’s part of the reason people would say you were responsible enough to keep a dog.

    4. Heidi Bamford says:

      Why do you keep them in a cage?

    5. Ally says:

      I hate it.
      What the frik is the point of having dogs if you lock em up! Hmph.

      Just but dog beds and put them next to YOURE bed!

    6. ƪ♔ яσуαℓƒαωη ♔ƪ says:

      well that’s just crate training isn’t it? I don’t like it but as long as the dog has enough room and it’s only at night i suppose it’s ok. But dogs are part of the family and how you put them in a cage and treat them like an object or "just an animal" that only deserves to be in a cage, welll.. it kind of shows.cb

    7. Beatrice Green says:

      would you like it if you were kept in a cage at night and were only let out to do exercise during the day?
      probaly not.
      i would say its animal cruelty.