Is it normal for a new dog to cry in its cage at night?

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    17 Responses to “Is it normal for a new dog to cry in its cage at night?”

    1. aloneathome says:

      I am going through the crying at night myself and it has been almost 2 months since I brought this pup home… and he still going all night. Everyone says it should take a few nights for him to get use to it, but I am still waiting on a quiet night. So, far tonight I haven’t heard him..he likes to be under the covers soooo, I put a sheet over him, not just the kennel…maybe I wil have a good rest full night…try it…maybe it will work, they are like babies, we just have to figure it out..because they can’t tell us..Good LUCK!!!

    2. oOo says:


      I’d cry too.

    3. Miss. LB says:

      Personally when i see a question like this my answer to helping you decide what to do is also a question… what would you do if it was your baby?

      Now at first you might go try to feed him/her, burp them, make sure everything is ok and reassure them. But after a little while you know that to keep doing this is just reinforcing negative behavior, so you… stop checking all the time and letting them cry it out. And finally you put them to sleep one night crawl in bed, put your head to the pillow.. and 15 minutes later you realize this strange noise .. called silence! 🙂

    4. Rachel says:

      YES!!! if it does it "shhhh!" it for a little while. if u want a movie let me sugest the 1st seson of
      "the dog whisper" . from your’e library. They explain it well in the movies just what to do with a dog w/ any problum!!! u searyously need to get it!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    5. Luvsdard says:

      Yes, use a wire crate with a doggie bed in it and have it in the kitchen or other public part of the house during the day so your pup gets used to it. Leave the door open and put in treats and toys and a worn tee shirt with your smell on it. Then as it becomes night, cover it with a towel but leave a little open so it can see you and know you are there. Keep the crate by your bed at nite and make sure to let him out if he needs to go potty in the middle of the nite. I fed my pup in there after a horrible first nite and then he napped in there. He loves his crate ever since and that was almost 2 yrs ago. Now he just naps in there during the day and sleeps in bed with us at nite.

    6. Cookie says:

      Yes and it needs some attention!
      Most puppies miss their mothers. Often if you can put something like an old t-shirt that smells like you and wrap it around a hot water bottle or something warm, that will help. Sometimes the pup just needs a fluffy toy that has your scent on it or a blanket. A ticking clock also reminds the puppy of the mothers heart beat and that can be helpful.
      If the puppy is looking out of the crate and crying, then cover the front with a towel so it isn’t focused on the outside. Don’t cover the whole thing so the dog doesn’t get air, just the front so it can’t see you.
      You may want to take it for a walk to help make it extra tired and it can sleep more easily.
      It doesn’t usually take too long for them to get use to the crate unless you keep taking it out. Be patient.

    7. aznsol3il568 says:

      yes it is. don’t pay attention to it cuz it’ll leasrn that i can get whatever it wants from you! it’s a way to train them!


    8. czaurora says:

      It’s been brought to a completely new environment to live with strangers, so it’s normal for it to be scared. You can get a dog bed and adjust with towels or pillows and stuff according to how the dog can fit snugly in it to make it feel more secure.

    9. Hillier says:

      Yes and it will take a couple of days for the new pup to realize this is its new home and family. Dogs cry because they miss their family, that’s all. It’s just the separation but they adjust quickly. You can sleep beside the dog, sometimes that helps for them to know someone is there with them so they’re not alone and you can put some toys in there for the dog too if it helps.

    10. The First Dragon says:

      Yes, if it is a puppy.

    11. Steph says:

      Of course! He just wants you to come back and pay attention to him and play with him more! It might be something like seperation anxiety as well, where he’s afraid you won’t come back for him. But don’t worry, he’ll get out of that stage when he’s used to going in his cage at night.

    12. Psychedelic Werewolf says:

      Very normal.
      Since the dog is in a new environment and overwhelmed with scents and worries, the dog will probably cry for about half of the night and sleep in the day.
      if you’re worried, put a dark sheet over the cage, makes them a little bit more quiet.
      Also try not to make noise once you cover them up.

    13. mop says:

      Yes, yes, yes, it wants nothing more at that moment than to be with you. Good luck.

    14. MississippiQueen says:

      yes, it will get used to it. Try putting your worn tshirt wrapped around a ticking clock. It is reassuring bc it sounds like a heartbeat with your scent on it.

    15. abbyful says:

      Yes, perfectly normal.

      Don’t respond to the cries. If you do, you’ll teach the dog crying gets it what it wants.

    16. Coopers Mom says:

      very normal!

    17. Dave M says:

      wouldn’t you?