Is it ok to leave my dog in her cage for 3 days while I go for a business trip?

I just moved into my new flat, but I have to go up state for a 3 day busniess trip. I cannot afford to keep her in a boarding house so the only option is to keep her in her cage for 3 days straight. Now yes the cage is very small for the dog, (it will have only 7 inch’s extra moving space, but I could leave a big pile of food in her cage and lots of water. What do you think?

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11 Responses to “Is it ok to leave my dog in her cage for 3 days while I go for a business trip?”

  1. Crystal says:

    Leave a newborn baby in a crib for 3 days with some bottles and water and some new diapers and see how that goes… It’s the something with a dog! It’s a living animal And you shouldnt be a pet owner

  2. repgirl says:

    The troll has asked this question, several times or there there are several trolls. Anyway it’s pathetic.

  3. Marie Garder says:

    uhmm thats so stupid i think that u should give your dog away to a more deserving owner. try sitting in a cage with poop and pee all around you all alone…. wouldn’t you feel unloved?? give your dog a better life.

  4. tarielle_au says:

    You bloody idiot!

    Call a kennel and make an appointment for your dog to stay there while you are away.
    Locking a dog up for 3 days is abuse.
    If you were to leave your dog for 3 days then don’t expect to come home and find the same dog there. That dog will be so traumatised that it will never be the same.

    How about you lock yourself up in a cage for 3 days and then think about your stupid question again.

    The world would be a better place without people like you!

  5. Ezla says:

    You cannot keep an animal confined like that. Also, considering you’ve just moved in, the neighbors don’t know and will call animal control to take away the dog. Look around more at boarding houses/dog hotels for a cheaper price, find a friend to come and take care of the dog or have it live with them or your parents can do this. You can ask a vet or shelter if they’ll take your dog if you offer some money for it. If all else fails, leave the dog in the apartment and notify your landlord not to have the dog taken away–but do not leave your dog in the cage. Leave plenty of food and water and let your dog just run around the apartment freely. Note that this is an absolute last resort and that there is still a good chance of the dog being taken away because the landlord will not like it being alone and it may bother the neighbors if it howls.

    If you’re willing to go far, you can try to find someone on craigslist, like a dog walker or group to take your dog for a few days.

  6. seroun says:

    bad idea

  7. I have a dog named Daisy says:

    For you to even ask such a question tells us you are so undeserving of owning a dog! How about we put you in a small box and throw some food in with you. After a few hours when your food is full of p*ss and sh*t you might be able to answer this question all by yourself.

  8. Ashley Chen says:

    how big is your dog?
    you shouldnt do that
    ask someone you know, or take the dog
    it would be horrible to keep a dog in a tiny cage for so long

  9. Bri.. says:

    I think you asked this question on a different account before, TROLL. And I think you got deleted because of people reporting you. Report, people, this is stupid hoax and a joke that is supposed to rile people up.

    Go to Hell 🙂

  10. marqueen71 says:

    ONLY IF first YOU spend 3 uninterrupted days in that same cage with only the food that will fit there with you AND no access to a bathroom.

    Board the dog or ask a friend to care for it.

  11. Helena Shaw says:

    Don’t feed the trolls.