Is It Okay To Do This To My New Puppy?

I have a VERY large wire dog cage thatm my Great dane sleeps in SOMETIMES. It is massive, big enough for a fullgrown Dane, and there’s a divider. Is it okay to put the divider in and crate train my new puppy with that kennel? Or is it bad for them to be so close in the same cage while i’m gone, even though there is a divider?
It’s a specially made kennel, we spent 650 dolalrs on it to ahve it specifically amde for her. It fits her, trust me.

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5 Responses to “Is It Okay To Do This To My New Puppy?”

  1. Matthew Walsh says:

    no no no no no no……even if the 2 dogs were best friends that puppy will not be properly trained that way at all it needs it’s own space to claim and control if you are going to kennel train your dog……and can I just say putting a great dane in any kind of home kennel no matter the size should be a hate crime

  2. Chelsea says:

    I was a dog trainer- and no that is not alright. You need to get the puppy a small crate to train him in, that will be his OWN little home/safe zone. There are a lot of reasons for this but I do not have time to go into it. It is a bad idea to keep them both in one.

  3. nygiant102 says:

    In my opnion, it does not seem harmful as long as the Great dane can completely fit as well without feeling a bit crushed. As for the puppy, as long as there is no animosity with the animals being near each other there should be no problem.

  4. Courtney O says:

    If they get along, then it should be find.. Just make SURE they have enough rooom!(:

  5. Ciara says:

    What? You want to put two dogs in one kennel? No, that’s not good. Kennels are meant to be a dogs personal space, it simply cannot be shared.

    But if you are going to divide the kennel so it is the appropriate size for your puppy to crate train than that is fine, but your Great Dane will have to give up his Kennel, so it may be best to just get another one for your pup.

    Good luck!