Is it too late to Cage or Crate Train my Dog?

i have a pug that i have had for over 3 years. im in school all day and he is usually at the house with my grandmother. the problem is when other people come over, he barks non-stop, chases people out the house, barks at people outside, eats the mail and throws in all over the house. he would not do those things in front of me because he knows what would happen. i dont know what to do at this point. i cant take off school to sit with the dog. i was wondering if i shouls start leaving in in the cage during the day or at night to sleep. he usually sleeps with me in my bed.
any suggestions would be great
i got the dog when he was 1 and have had him for 3 years. he just seems to be getting worse. i love the dog and would never get rid of him, im just tired of saying he did this or that when i know he knows its wrong. he does nothin wrong in my prescence. i need him to listen and respect the things i have taught him when i am not home. that is why im considering the cage solution
yes i walk the dog daily. i live outside of Boston and its freezing now and therefore we are outside less

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    1. sarah m says:

      one of my dogs has never been in a cage but my mum has one for her dog so if im staying at her house and were outside for example i had a bday party out my mum back garden this yr and there was my 2dogs and my mum dog out the bk but when people started showing up we put them in the cage and the lied there just staring at everyone so it a possibility or a mussel or a barking collar

    2. albert says:


      You need to be a responsible dog owner and it starts with setting boundaries, acting calm and assertive in your behavior with the dog, but most importantly being CONSISTENT. Dogs don’t think the same way humans do, they are pack animals and see YOU as either the pack leader or not the pack leader and they behave accordingly.

      You MUST crate train your dog. Letting it sleep on your bed says to the dog that you both are equal, and since you’re both equal the dog takes it’s natural instinct and acts like the alpha… Crate training is a MUST and is very, VERY simple. Make sure your dog has plenty of room, a nice big cushion, towels or old shirts with your smell, and you simply give a command, put them in, reward them, and WALK AWAY. Don’t turn back. NO "I love you"s. And most importantly, Let thembark and cry, responding to their howls just tells them that what they’re doing is getting them attention. Don’t reward bad behavior.

      I would also try to find some kind of doggie daycare in your area, or just increase the overall socialization your dog gets with other dogs. This will help create a healthier and more balanced attitude towards dogs and people in and around your home.

      Just remember a few tips:

      1. Your dogs behavior is a DIRECT reflection of the amount of time and effort YOU put in to trying to create a balanced and consistent relationship with your dog.

      2. BE THE APLHA DOG! You can still be a relaxed "cool dad" kind of dog owner but HAVE LIMITS and be consistent with how and when you enforce them. Letting your dog know whose in charged with enable them to live an emotionally balanced life.

      3. Be Consistent at ALL TIMES.

      That’s it….

      (P.S. @ MKultra Crate training teaches a dog self restraint. Not only is letting a dog run around your home unattended DANGEROUS, It’s irresponsible, the dog could easily get into something and die… who’s the moral one now?

      Crate training is a great way to ensure the safety of an animal when you don’t have the luxury of being around, and as long as the animal has been exhausted of the most of it’s energy (i.e. a nice long run or something) is completely humane for 6 to 12 hours depending on the size of the animal. A pug would be fine for around 7 or 8. )

    3. jojo says:

      my chihuahua is at least over 7 years old and i didn’t even need to crate train her as soon as i made the create comfy with her blanket and showed her how to enter and leave then she just stayed in there on her own. i let her out before i head to school and she comes back on her own and o let her out again when i get home.. its not to late to crate train your dog..but maybe your dog does need a little more exercise and time outside because it could be frustrated and bored and that’s why he does all those things while your gone.

    4. JRJ4297 says:

      Yes, you can crate train at a later age but it’s much more difficult.

      You need to understand that a crate will not solve the problems you are having Y& more than likely will make them worse. You need to enroll your dog into obedience training and/or seek out a dog behaviorist.

      You didn’t mention if you walk your dog daily. Making sure your dog gets daily exercise usually solves many behavior problems. I know pugs have trouble breathing if they get too hot or winded but there has to be a way to make sure he gets exercise without getting over exerted. Do some research. You owe it to your dog.

    5. Xena Pug says:

      pugs, they are just so unpredictable. i would suggest a few things. don’t let your first day at school be the first time in a crate; put your pug in a crate and leave the room and listen to see how he does or go for a walk. let him adjust to the crate slowly. another option is doggy day care. sounds like he has lots of energy to expend.

      best wishes!

    6. MKultra says:

      Why do you even have the dog?

      You don’t have time for it and you think packing it in a crate will help?

      ‘Crate training’ is just putting a dog in a crate? It’s not training. In what way?

      Please give up your dog if you don’t have time for it.

      I wish we had human ‘crate training’ sometimes.

    7. Puppy Paws says:

      When your at school. That’s when you should keep your dog in to a crate until it learns to respect the household. Yes, your dog should have been crate trained by now. i am sure it is possible but it will probably take lots of patients to teach him how. Good Luck. When your at home let your dog out of the crate, and start training on other things. Remember practice only a couple commands a day, so you don’t over load your puppy.