Is there a website to find out info on humane dog care?

Some people who live on our street haven’t a clue. They built a 5 ft by 5ft cage made of wire and put their 2 dogs in it. I think it is inhumane because they have a perfectly good fenced in back yard for the dogs to run around in. Plus they bark all night and howl from being in that cage. Some of you may not believe this but there are actually NO animals laws where I live (yes it’s in the U.S.!). Since we live outside of city limits we are goverened by county laws and our county has no pet laws. Pets can run freely or not. I have called the Sherriff and the local shelters to no avail. I wonder if some handy information by "mail" on humane animal treatment might do these people any good. Then again it may not do anything.

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3 Responses to “Is there a website to find out info on humane dog care?”

  1. Robert R says:

    Check and see if there’s a state agency that has animal cruelty laws, and contact them. You can probably peruse the State Statrutes on your computer, and find one that would apply, then call the appropriate agency. It may even be the State Police. If they howl all night, I’m sure a ‘disturbing the peace’ complaint can be filed.

  2. Joyce G says:

    Humane Society of America

  3. Bonsylar says:

    The SPCA website has some info.
    If there are no laws, start procedings to make some. You can do it, go to the library and look it up.