Is this good excerise for a Labrador/Dog?

I have a Labrador that lives in a cage/kennel it’s very rooming has a dog house another dog living in it so he has plenty of room I feed him at like 6:30 am everyday and take him out and left him run around because he runs himself lol while I get ready then I put him up 7:55am Then at 3:00 I feed him,review with him like tricks,play fetch,brush his teeth,and then walk him so he is tired and he doesn’t wanna pull and we both get are excerise and I walk him about 45 minutes and let him meet this dog up the road..Then at 7-8ish I take him back out and walk him again…

Is this a good daily dog scheldce? Will it keep him Healthy and happy?

Please tell me what I could do or opinions about this?


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One Response to “Is this good excerise for a Labrador/Dog?”

  1. shadowboxer says:

    it sounds like he’s getting some
    exercise but he probably needs a little more and perhaps some more human interaction. you leave him/her alone for 8 hours straight in the am. sounds excessive to me. maybe have someone stop in to check on him -give him fresh water and play a little. hope this helps