is this too boring???

This is still Chloe lol..

I tried to make the folloowing exciting, but i failed miserably lol! Dont hate on the bad writing,, i write because i love it, not to get published because i think im amazing (obviously i dont lol) But here goes: Just tell me, is it boring and if so, how can i improve?

At 8am, I jogged up the pathway leading to my friend’s house and banged on the door with my fist. When Paul opened the door, I was ready. Well…as ready as I’ll ever be.
“Hi happy sheep!” I exchanged the words with which Anna’s son addressed me with words that made me smile. Just the sound of the original words was bad. Really bad.
“Where’s Anna?” I scuffed up gravel with my foot, making my shoes all dusty.
“She’s not home right now but if you come inside, I have a present for you.” I tensed. The last time Paul had said this, he hadn’t given me a present. Or if it was a present, it was one I never want again. I shook my head.
“Are you sure she’s not home?” Paul scratched the top of his head, back and forth, back and forth; his buzzed hair prickly then smooth.
“You want to come and check?” Paul sneered, laughing as I hurried back down the path and ducked behind the hedge once I was out of sight. You know what they say; out of sight, out of mind. I heard the door close with a slam. Counting to five mississippi’s, I scraped back the leaves that shielded me from view and glanced briefly round the front garden before carefully stepping out of my crouch and jogging over to the door where I lifted the letter box and put an eye to the gap of clarity. I was faced with a lounge, a lounge that was as familiar to me as a kennel is to a dog. I scanned over the leather sofas, yarn rugs and a head of buzzed hair. I stopped short. I didn’t even get a chance to scream before I was pulled through the doorway and thrown into Paul’s bedroom by Paul himself. I didn’t get a chance to scream before he drew his knife. By then the fear had taken over and I couldn’t scream to safe my life. And that’s why the knife cut into my skin.

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3 Responses to “is this too boring???”

  1. ☁ Hopeful Dream ☁ says:

    Maybe I’m slow, but I’m not really getting what’s going on in this story. I lost interest very quickly.

  2. Ginger says:

    THIS IS NOT BORING AT ALL!!!!!!!! IT’S AMAZING!!!!!! Continue this passion for writing and never stop! You have a talent!!!

  3. here2be says:

    wow. i loved it. just wonderful. it was exciting and scary and just great. all im wondering is who is the friend, and who is this kid. maybe i over looked it but i dont think that its clear enough, who they are. make that clearer and this is as gold. i love it. please, when you write more, message me the rest. <3 <3 <3 it. nice work